Monday, December 31, 2007

New year, new blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I've been pondering doing this for a long time, and here I go!

In case you don't know me already, my name is Lori. I'm a 40-year-old married to a 60-year-old, which brings on joys and challenges of its own. :) We live in central Tennessee, attend a Southern Baptist church, and are photographers by trade. I'm a type 2 diabetic who struggles moment by moment to achieve SOME semblance of glucose control, a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, a Kat's Coffees & More consultant, and a Christian since I was 6. I have a beautiful step-daughter, Kaisa, who got married to Jeff in May 2007. I'm an aunt to five nieces and one nephew - not to mention my fur-baby nephew and niece! ;)

There's always a LOT going on in my life, and when I'm up, I'm up - YOU know what I mean! If you're reading my blog, it's either because you're curious to see what I'm into NOW, or because maybe you recognize that some aspect of my life might be similar to yours. :) Regardless of your motivation, I'm GLAD you're reading! I'd like to become your friend, and share in your journey! My friends and family are incredibly important to me, and I always welcome new people to share - I firmly believe we ALL have something to contribute to one another!

So. My reason for starting this blog? Because I really want to make a difference in MORE than just stamping. I think that, every once in a while, I have something worth saying, or worth pondering - and thought maybe I'd find an outlet in this blog. If you have something YOU want to talk about, or any questions, or anything that might start me on a tangent, please let me know! I want this to be a safe place for you to come read, laugh, maybe cry, vent, just be yourself. :)

My heart's desire is for you to know that God loves you passionately, deeply, and eternally - and He understands your struggles. Mine, too. :) And sharing them helps us get thru them! They came to PASS, not STAY, dear friend!

I hope you're intrigued enough that you'll come back and visit. Starting tomorrow, January 1, I'll share some of my personal goals - and I'm hoping this blog will help me be accountable for keeping up with them! :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! God BLESS you, and keep you SAFE!!!!