Thursday, June 26, 2008

And the winner is...

SPARROW SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, dear friend! :D Thank you for your wonderful, thoughtful, considerate comments. Please email me and let me know how to get your prize to you.... :)

We are SO highly blessed, dear ones. Even if life is pitching fastballs at you, take a moment to look for the blessings today. He loves you, and you are HIS. That alone is a miracle!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Phooey, hate playing catch-up!!!

I still have to blog about my birthday weekend! AUGH! :D Well, just one more day of celebrating to get through, and then it's on to Father's Day.

Mom & I got up early on Saturday (this would be the 14th, now!:D) and went out garage-saling again. I didn't get sick this time! :D We had a good time - and I wore shorts, so I wouldn't irritate my poor knees. Only got one comment, but it was sympathetic, so I was OK. LOL!

We spent most of the afternoon getting ready for the party. Kenn was working ALL DAY LONG - we're talking 16+ hours! - with a friend, doing a trade-out in Chattanooga. So, it was just Dad, Mom, and me. We cut, and stirred, and chopped, and schemed.... Here's Dad working hard!

And on we went. :)

Amy got here first, of course, just as we were putting out the finishing touches on the spread. :D My strawberries were a big hit, but everything was yummy!!!

There were about 10 people here, and we ate, and laughed, and ate some more. I got some nice presents, and really enjoyed having some friends with me. :) Some arrived a little later than others, but we still have a great time! :) The shirt I wore got clear sequins EVERYWHERE - we're still finding them. :D

I got done cleaning up about 11, and Kenn got home about 12. And that was last Saturday! :D And I KNOW it's not as detailed as it would have been, but it's DONE. ROFL!!! Thanks, dear friends who were here! I had a wonderful time - and I hope you did, too!!!!!

Tomorrow will be Father's Day, and announcing who won my blog candy! Stay tuned! :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's MONDAY! :)

How are you? Have you had a good five days since I talked to you last? :) It's been SUPER-BUSY around here lately!!!!!! Wow, and I still need to talk about the Saturday after my birthday, and Father's Day, and what else I've been up to! Phew.
Well, it's going to have to wait - we shot a wedding out of town this weekend, and I actually RESTED last night, so I need to work on a class for tonight. :D When I get it done, I'll start catching up, I promise.
I LOVE OUR NEW CHURCH!!!! It is SO refreshing!! Kenn and I were talking on the way home yesterday about how things have worked out. You know, God moves sovereignly. Even in situations where things aren't done His way, He works. Like our old church situation. He gives us ways to get along with each other, to work out conflicts, etc - and I will be talking about some of that in the future :) - but in our case, it wasn't done His way.
How awesomely He's worked for us!!! We went to the Smyrna Assembly the first time, kind of as a way for Kenn to placate me. :D On a whim, let's say. But God has blessed us there immensely! And it's only been three weeks. Kenn's talked to the pastor; where they're not "on the same page", as one person asked me, they're FINE with not being there! As Kenn says, we're going to thrive there. It's going to be a little difficult to get to know people, since it's 45 minutes one way, but we're getting to "know" the people sitting around us, and the pastor came up yesterday and introduced himself to me.
The music is good, but it's the PEOPLE who truly touch me. Every person who's shared has had a humility, a transparency, and an obvious desire for God's presence. Every single person has shared from the Holy Word, and it's been like it's SUPPOSED to be - living, and active, and sharper than ANY 2-edged sword. Truth and purity can pierce, my friend, and I haven't felt that spoken into my own heart in a long time - longer than I realized.
Please pray for my friend, Lisa; she's due any MOMENT, and her mother-in-law died this weekend. They're in North Carolina for the funeral. Please pray for travelling mercies, birth mercies, and that she'll feel God's presence as she helps her husband deal with everything.
I'll be back when I get a chance - I have SO much to share with you! LOL!!!!!
God is good, ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Creative Photography

Well, Kimmie - see side Mr. Blinky for her blog! - just linked me to a new contest! I imagine Kenn will be playing, too - and he's VERY creative. SO, for my first entry into Roger's contest, Creative Photography, I'm going to enter this photo. :) It's the one I started my blog with.

I hope you enjoy it! I've got LOTS to play with, so I think this is going to be lots of fun.... :)

Celebrating didn't stop THERE...

Good morning, dear one! I'm SO glad you dropped in to visit! If you haven't been here in a while, I'm describing my birthday celebrations this year. The last post was what I did ON my birthday. :D I actually spread it out over three days, so I didn't have to rush from one thing to another. Friday the 13th wasn't a wonderful day for me, but dinner was nice!

I'm getting ahead of myself.... :D

Friday morning, Mom and I headed out to garage sales. We went to an estate sale first, and I felt a little claustrophobic, so I told Mom I was going to pay and go out to the car. Well, it's a good thing I did! As I got to the car, I realized I was REALLY nauseous. Yup, got sick. My dumb medications do that sometimes - and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. :(

We went on to another sale, and Mom met one of her old work friends there, so I paid and went to the car to wait. Yup, got sick AGAIN. Called the doctor's office and made an appointment. Mom came back, and we decided to go home. I got sick yet AGAIN on the way home - I've NEVER been sick THREE times in one morning! Phooey.

So, I came home and laid down for a bit. I slept about 20 minutes - then my phone rang, and it was one of the guys Kenn works for. I gave him the phone, and then went downstairs. Kenn had to work Friday afternoon, so he took off soon afterward.

I needed to go do my grocery shopping for my Saturday celebration, so I took off around 1 in Dad's car. Almost immediately after I left, the heavens opened and it POURED. I made it to the Walmart parking lot, and was trying to avoid cars while peering thru my rain-drenched car. CRUNCH. What a sickening sound! It was Dad's driver's side MIRROR - I think I hit it on a shopping cart corral railing. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called him right away, and 'fessed up. He was just happy I was OK. Thanks, Dad. I really, REALLY felt badly. :(

I waited until the dowpour let up a bit, then went into Walmart. My sister, Kelli, had sent me a Walmart GC, so I bought a couple of movies - she can take the credit for one of them! :D - and some dishes to put appetizers for Saturday on, and I'm going to use them in our stock photography, too.

Went a couple of other places for groceries, and didn't get everything I needed. So, I went home frustrated.

It's a tradition in our family that Dad takes us out for a birthday dinner. I had a hard time choosing where to go this year, but Kenn saved me. :) He found this place, and the girls had wanted to go there last year for my birthday - but they're closed on Sundays. So, that's where I chose. We met Kenn there, because we needed to hit one of the grocery stores in Lebanon. So, off we went.

Dinner was really nice; we had a waitress who picked on Kenn the whole time. :D The food was yummy; I had a sandwich, because I didn't want a heavy meal after my morning fiasco. :) They also brought me out a chocolate cake - the frosting was slumping, because it was still hot, but it was yummy! :D Mom & Dad gave me my birthday check, and Kenn gave me a bottle of my perfume. :)
We had a nice, relaxing time, and then Mom and Dad headed home - stopping by McD's for an ice cream cone. :) We headed to Publix, to pick up the last two things on my grocery list.

Remember that Friday the 13th thing? Yeah, I took it ALL for my family - unless you count the mirror as Dad's part.

As I was getting out of our car - trying to hurry, because Kenn doesn't like me to take a long time when there might be traffic behind him - my palazzo pants hem got caught on the seat adjusting handle. Yup, I bit the pavement. Hard. If there hadn't been a pillar there for me to catch with my left elbow, my FACE would have caught it. As it was, my knees got chewed up. They're STILL sore!! Everyone coming out of the store came over to make sure I was OK. I picked up all the stuff that had fallen out of my purse, said I was fine, and hobbled into the store. I got the last two things I needed, and hobbled out to the car. Kenn has a hard time admitting he married a clutz, so he asked me if it was my eyes. NO, dear, just my clutziness. AND I was tired, which always means I hurt myself more. :)

So, we came home, and Mom and I took this photo together. :) Isn't she a beautiful woman??? She takes such good care of me. I am so blessed with wonderful parents!
Afterward, I went upstairs and doctored my knees, watched a little TV, and we went to bed.
And that was Friday the 13th, the second day of my celebrating. :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it already Tuesday????

I can't believe it's almost been a WEEK since my birthday already. Wow, time flies.

I'm not feeling too hot today, so the catching-up is going to come slowly, I'm afraid! But I really want to plug Kenn's blog again; he's really writing some GREAT stuff. I will tell you I don't always agree with him, but if you're not afraid to take out your beliefs and look at them, you'll really enjoy what he's publishing!

I also want to plug this particular post, where he toasts me for my birthday. :D He's very sweet, and I want you to know I'm making him chocolate chip cookies today. :D

OK, so back to posting about my birthday!

Kenn had to work in the morning, so Amy and I made plans - we were going to go to Opry Mills with her son, George, and maybe see a movie, and go to the Disney Store. I got an email Wednesday that said, "Change of plans. Grandma called, with no prompting from me, and wanted George to spend the night. It's just us. Pedicure's on me!" :D

I got up and made low-carb, whole wheat toast with some of the sugar-free jam from the day before and freshly-brewed mint iced tea for breakfast. See? :D

Dad and Mom were in the garden, and Dad planted his Father's Day gift from us. I took pictures, but I'm going to post about Father's Day later on. :D Kenn had left a note on my desk on a folded piece of copy paper, and I just thought it was a nice note wishing me a happy birthday - and showing me he didn't steal my favorite pen when he used it. :D I was cleaning up my desk, and picked up the note to move it - and it felt heavier than a piece of copy paper should. I opened it up, and there was a bunch of money for me to have fun with!!!!!! Oh, WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I had a HUGE grin on my face for about 10 minutes; we don't have a lot of money, so some to PLAY with is a huge blessing!!!

Amy got here just after 9:30, and we sat down, along with Mom, to figure out some Avon things. (Amy got a new tackle box to organize her samples in, and she was quite happy to be able to find everything she wanted quickly! :D I just love her....) Mom gave her her order, and - oh, did I mention that Amy brought me presents? :D She brought me a Rte. 44 Diet Coke from Sonic - one of our shared vices ;) - and a gift from her, and one from Angela. So, I opened presents after we took care of the Avon. Amy gave me a set of FAR AWAY purse-sized perfume, body wash, and lotion, and a marker like one of hers I had admired. :D The gift from Angela was a Pooh shirt and a scrapbook.

Then, we took off! We went to Providence, and went to Natural Nails, Too; they're a family-run business, and were very busy. They asked us to come back in a half-hour, so we said yes and went shopping. :D Amy needed a new "undergarment", so we went to Belk's - I'd never been there before. Well, I actually found two things that fit me - I'm not a size most stores carry!!! - that I loved. I picked up a really pretty skirt, and a fuchsia shirt that had polka dots "embossed" on it. More about when I wore those in later posts! :D Great bargains, and I was so grateful to Kenn for giving me money to spend!!!!

We headed back to the salon, and still had to wait a few minutes. I had a book in my purse, and Amy ran out to get hers out of the car. We had LONG foot soaks while they finished up other people, then got our feet done. I got a red color that has a gold pearlish sheen to it. Amy got French. Don't we look GOOD? :D They did a really nice job, and were very nice to us - wished me a happy birthday several times. :)

After that, we were STARVING, so we headed across the street to Panera for lunch. The last time we were together - that Tuesday! :D - we'd eaten at Panera, and I had a hankerin' for the same panini I'd had. So, we ate and talked and laughed - and Kenn called me to tell me he was on the way home.

Well, after that, we headed to the Hermitage area to do some errands we needed to do. Unfortunately, the red onion that had been on my sandwich didn't agree with me too much, so after going to the post office, Office Max, and the Dollar Tree, I told Amy I wanted to head home.

When we got home, Amy was able to use her tackle box again when Kenn told her he was looking for some new cologne. :D She stayed a few more minutes, then took off.

If you read my blog on my birthday, and read the comments, you know that Kenn told me he made reservations at McDonalds for us for dinner. :D Well, *I* knew - and most of you did, too - that he was just trying to not tell me where we were headed. Mom didn't quite get it - she told me the next day when she asked how dinner was, "Well, you BOTH said you were going to McDonald's. Why should I think any different? But I DID think you were gon an awfully long time for dinner there...." :D

I rested for a while, then put on my new skirt - it's a black underpiece with a chiffon-type overlay with pink and white flowers on it. It's got a very pretty flounce around the bottom, and it makes me feel very girly. :D So, I wore it, some heels, and one of my favorite black blouses. We headed off about 6ish.

We headed downtown, and stopped at the Union Station hotel; an acquaintance from the Opryland Hotel is one of the chefs at their new restaurant, but Kenn had already found out he wasn't working. Still, it was a pretty nice place. It's called PRIME 108, and doesn't have their website up yet. It's pricey, I'm warning you, but the service was EXCELLENT, and the decor was very nice. We had a nice dinner; I had a cowboy ribeye, and Kenn had some Ahi tuna. We relaxed and took our time, and got home about 9. Then, we took this picture. :D
Upstairs to relax and unwind, and that was my birthday. Amy is the absolute BEST; we're so different, but we have SO much fun together. I can trust her to tell me the truth, and to let me know what she thinks. I am SO very blessed by her!!
And KENN! Well, that tribute on his blog, the spending money, the care and thought he put into where to take me for my birthday dinner - God's truly blessed me with him, too.
Speaking of whom, I'd better go work on his cookies before he gets home. :) Stay tuned for more birthday celebration details of Friday and Saturday, and Father's Day! :D
Count YOUR blessings today -I bet you'll end up being so grateful, you can't help but PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I still have that pesky blog candy to give away! :D

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'll be posting more later...

but I really wanted to share this video with you:

At least think about it.... :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! :D

Yup, it's official. I celebrate the end of another year of life, and the beginning of a new one. In some ways, I feel older than the hills. In others, I have trouble realizing I'm not still that high school girl I feel like! :D
So, I'm off to celebrate. Amy & I are going out together this morning, then Kenn will come home from work this afternoon and take me someplace for dinner to celebrate. :) Tomorrow night, we'll go out with my parents. Saturday, I've got a few friends coming over for an appetizer party. I can't wait!
Oops, she's HERE! Gotta jet! Thank you for celebrating today! :D OH, and don't forget to enter my giveaway - I'll draw before the day's over!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have you forgotten??? ENTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget! I'm doing a giveaway for my 100th post, drawing tomorrow! You have to go HERE to read what's going on, and to enter!!!!

It's canning season again!!! Guess what we were making today - that's right, strawberry jam! We made SIX batches of regular, and a batch of no sugar added. It smells like strawberries in here, and sugar, and hot water - the last batch is in the hot water bath right now. Phew!

An update on Mom: She went to her regular doctor today, and is officially off work until Tuesday. Of course, she's hard at work HERE - but I'm being a harpy, so HOPEFULLY she's not working as hard as she would...! THANK YOU SO MUCH for praying for her!

I'm sorry I haven't been around a lot this week; trying to get caught up, teaching a class, and still dealing with church fallout has been REALLY stressful. But I really want you to enter the giveaway!!!! I need the strokes. ROFL!!!!! GO ENTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

There is a balm in - SMYRNA, TN?!?!??!

Yes, it's true!!!!
Sunday morning (You already know Kenn's side of the story, if you've read his blog today. :D) we had decided to go to the Smyrna Assembly of God. Yes, it's the real Assembly. :D Kenn & I had attended one in Florence, Oregon, and really enjoyed our time there. Also, the Smyrna Assembly's mission is to reclaim the arts to God's glory - something that is near and dear to our hearts. We've been there to a couple of great shows, and I have to admit to being quite envious that their church actually did the shows, not tolerated having some acting going on.... :D (Go check out their theater's site - they're REALLY active!!!!!)
So, we'd decided not to go to their early service - it's about 40 minutes or so from our house. We left here just before 10 a.m., and stopped for Kenn to get a couple of shots of horses. We got there early, and said hello to Kenn's contact from work - and I got to meet someone else from the office. Then, we went and found some seats and settled in.
Some very nice people greeted us - but didn't pressure us at all. :) That's important - especially because I'm REALLY shy in person, and have a hard time for the first few times I meet someone. The senior adult coordinator introduced himself to Kenn; he was a VERY nice man!! His wife introduced herself after the service as "his better half". ;)
The worship service was really good; as Kenn wrote in his blog, it wasn't nearly as much a spectator event as it was a "participate as you wish". It was very free, and really wonderful. I don't think we knew any of those songs, but we caught on pretty quickly. It was really great.
Can I just say it's been a LONG time since anything SPOKEN has touched my heart MORE than the music?!?!?!??! Well, not only did it happen ONCE, but TWICE - and neither were in the sermon - which was good, anyway. :D
The first time was during the offering. The young man who spoke was in the praise band; he played sax and trumpet, and maybe the trumbone.... ANYWAY. You've got to understand that the church we WERE attending was very much about tithing to receive God's blessing - and the way it was done HONESTLY made it hard to be a cheerful giver. But not this. From the bottom of his heart, he explained why we tithe. It's not because it's expected of us, or you gotta give to get. It's because we're saying to God, "You have ALREADY blessed me SO MUCH, I don't NEED everything you've given me!!! You're SO GOOD!!!"
Woah. Not out of expectation, but out of THANKSGIVING???? I've NEVER heard it put that way!!!!! But BOY, did it touch my heart!!!!!
He went on to say there are four things to do with your money: tithe, sow (to further the kingdom, feed the poor, etc.), save - if you spend everything you make, you'll NEVER make enough money; you'll just spend everything - and spend. It's OK to spend, and make wise choices with your money.
I was crying by now. I told Kenn, "We can leave now; I've heard the sermon already." :) But WAIT! There's MORE!!!
It was Communion Sunday. Another gentleman came to present it, and what he said - WOW.
I'm going to paraphrase:
I've been suffering through some physical stuff lately, and you know how hard it is to concentrate when you're in pain? You tend to do things that don't demand a lot of concentration - or ANY concentration! - while you're feeling pain. The worse the pain, the harder it is to focus on anything else.
The pain that Jeus went through? We'll probably never be able to understand how excruciating it was - the movie THE PASSION OF CHRIST did a pretty good job, but even so..... Yet through it ALL, Jesus was able to keep in mind what He was doing, what His final goal was. He could have stopped it ALL at any moment. That tearing of His flesh, the beatings, the blood loss - He suffered HORRIBLY. Yet THROUGH IT ALL, He kept us in mind. He kept His purpose - paying for the redemption of man, putting death behind Him and triumphing!!!! - He kept it all in mind in the middle of that torture.
Can you see why it touched me??? It's so easy to get blase' about things we do on a regular basis. He made it FRESH to me again.
Well, this is already a book, so I'm going to stop elaborating. The sermon was great - the preacher can really belt a song!! :D - and it was WONDERFUL to be renewed and exhorted and bathed in His presence. God is SO GOOD, my dear friend. He loves us SO MUCH!!!!
Kenn and I continue to hash through what happened, and it will take us a while. But God is showing His mercy and grace to us, and I think THROUGH us. :) It's been a rough week, but it's been a DEEP week.
Oh, and MOM CAME HOME YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for praying for her!!!!!! She got a steroid shot Saturday evening, and it worked wonders for her. She's been going quite hard today - and I've been a bit of a harpy, trying to get through to her to SLOW DOWN. But that's Mom. :) She's not happy unless the house is SPOTLESS and she's rearranged some furniture. :D
SO. Please leave me a comment!!!!!! :D I'd love to hear from you!! :D

Wow, what a weekend!!! This post is SATURDAY....

Ever been so busy, you wonder what you've been doing?? :D That's the way Saturday felt to me. I SO missed having Mom home to do things with - Saturdays, we USUALLY go either thrift shopping or garage saling. I still went to a couple of sales within a mile of the house - believe it or not, anyone who REALLY knows me, I was made up, dressed, class all ready, and at a garage sale by 8:15!!! :D

I found a couple of good deals - a hardcover book for a buck, and a brand-new lavender bath "stuff" kit for a buck. I LOVE lavender, and LOVE bubble baths, and LOVE to read while I'm taking them, so it was a GOOD day. :D LOL!!

Then, I taught a class from 9:30 - 11. Cleaned up a bit, puttered around, and left a little while later to grab some lunch and go to Goodwill - after getting the news Mom was NOT coming home Saturday. She'd had a rough night.

Goodwill had their half-price Saturday, and since I had class to teach, I couldn't get out and going and hit as many as I'd have liked to. :) I did find a few things, including a really pretty blouse for Mom. I hope it fits, and that she'll wear it - she seemed to like it....

So, I called on my way to the hospital, and Mom wanted chocolate. WELL, she definitely knew who to ask! ROFL!! I took her quite a variety, and you should have seen her eyes light up! Dad stayed for a little bit, but left to "let us visit". So we chit-chatted, etc. (After the first time I answered her phone at the hospital, I had to answer, 'Becky's room, Lori speaking' because EVERYONE gets us confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) She received two phone calls while I was there, and I left while she was talking to my sister, Debbi.

I headed home to fix Dad dinner, so he could get back to the hospital. Kenn helped out by making a salad while I got the other components of dinner ready, so Dad ate and left. Kenn & I did our own things for a while, then decided to head to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. :)

While there, we ran into a young lady from our former church, who is one of my favorite people and is doing some babysitting for a bunch of my friends this Saturday to raise money to go on a missions trip to South Africa - be watching for me to link you to her blog while they're there! She hadn't heard about what had happened, but was very supportive and loving. It was great to catch up with her - she's a very BUSY young woman, attending Belmont for her nursing degree.

ANYWAY. We then came home and just spent the last couple of hours of the day together, watching TV and chatting. And THEN I fell into a deep, deep sleep.... :D

Friday, June 6, 2008

Update on Mom

This is the email my dad sent out to explain everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everybody who prayed, visited, called wrote and prayed!

We have a diagnosis:
--pneumonia in the left lung
--This caused inflammation of the pericardial sack where the lung rubbed on the sack, causing the intense pain.
--kidney infection
--The antibiotic they gave last night after the pick line was inserted will be repeated tonight. They believe that will be effective in knocking out the infection.

--They have continued the morphine every 6 hours. This morning's dose did not take the pain away totally, so they added another medication (some level of an ibuprophen) which helped.

--Becky's doctor indicated he expects to release her to come home tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what prescriptions he gives her for the trip home.

Did I remember to thank everybody for praying?

Thanks again!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Please Pray!

My mom just called me; she and Dad are going to the hospital. She's been having trouble breathing this week, and thought it was due to perhaps catching the pneumonia she had earlier this year - thoguht for a while that the z-pac she was taking was helping, but cannot catch her breath today.
Thank you!!!!!!

100th Post!

Can you BELIEVE it?!?!??! This is my 100th post on this blog - time for a giveaway. :D All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and tell me two things: Why you visit my blog, and a praise for something God's going or giving you in your life right this moment. :) It's pretty easy! And I'll leave it open for ONE WEEK, and pull the winner on MY BIRTHDAY. :D

I also HIGHLY encourage you to go to this uTube video - thanks SO much for sharing, Karna!!! Get a kleenex!

God BLESS you, dear friend. I can't wait to read your comments!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Goodness! It's been quite a week. Just talking to Kenn about what happened, and what we think church should be, and where to go from here - and all the time, trying to check everything I say and do against Scripture, to be sure I don't sin.
Thanks be to GOD that he's given us His Word to go by! Even if it does cause trouble in interpretation, those parts I understand, I can use. That's what He's wanting of me. So, I walk in the understanding He's given me - and His Word is sweet, and comforting, and sustains me.
I'm not going to lie and say everything's all better; I'm still glad it happened quickly, but the relationships are fractured, and that grieves me. Please pray for that, too, dear friends. I SO appreciate your thoughts and prayers!!!
God's working in our hearts, too. I think we're both much more sensitive to what He's trying to tell us. I've seen Kenn seek reconciliation in a relationship with a dear online friend, and my heart rejoices! :)
Please share with me what God is doing in YOUR life right now. If you need prayer, please let me know. I FIRMLY believe that the church Christ started is about caring for each other, lifting each other up, encouraging each other - praising God together, and seeking His face about decisions and hardships we each go through. HE CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise His name, He is GOOD, all the time! He loves each one of us, my friends. What an AWESOME thing that is!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well, it finally happened....

We were asked to leave our church last night. It wasn't the way I thought it would happen, but God had told me earlier this year we'd be released by summer - and here we are. :/ Please pray for us while we figure out where God's calling us to serve Him next - and for all the emotions that go along with the whole thing.

Kenn has started his own blog; he and I don't always agree on theology, but he is a TRUE seeker of Truth - and that's one of the things I've always admired and loved about him. Here is a link to his new blog:

He would LOVE for you to visit his site and LEAVE A COMMENT! :) Discussions on theology are high points in his day, so if you like them, or know someone who does, please point them to him! :)

I'll post again tomorrow. HAPPY JUNE!!! We are blessed and HIGHLY FAVORED, dear one, no matter what circumstance we think we find ourselves in!