Friday, January 29, 2010

Just have to share! :)

This song is the one that we're using for the local Bible study's theme song. It's been in my mind and heart all week long. Go listen. :)

Tommy Walker - He Knows My Name .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't forget!

Today is the first DO SOMETHING FOR CHRISTMAS DAY of the year! :) Each 25th of the month, Becky and I have committed to doing SOMETHING for Christmas. Today, I'm trying to sort out my tree decorations as I put them away - I grew a brand-new tree this year. ;D
Be sure and leave me a comment about what YOU do today! Only 11 more months! :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm doing a new Bible study at our church...

and it's BETH MOORE! :D This one's been around for a while; it's called A Heart Like His: Seeking the Heart of God Through a Study of David. We've just started it, really; last week was the first video, and today ended the first week of homework.

I want to share the following with you; it made a HUGE impact on me this morning when I was reading it, and I really feel like some of you can cling to some of this.

Do you approach every circumstance and conflict as a member of the army of the living God? Do you continually regard God as "able"? Is He not only the Lord Almighty on the page but the Lord Almighty on the pavement? Do you stand in His Name? Our victory rests not on faith in our spirituality. Our victory rests on faith in our God. We're often intimidated in battle because we are uncertain of our faith. We must remember we don't stand in victory because of our faith. We stand in victory because of our God. Faith in faith is pointless. Faith in a living, active God moves mountains. Moses acknowledged Jehovah as the living God and led multitudes to freedom from slavery. Joshua acknowledged Jehovah as the living God and led multitudes into the promised land. Daniel acknowledged Jehova as the living God and the angel shut the mouths of lions. You serve the same God. Are you allowing Him to live smack in the middle of your life?
~~ Beth Moore, A Heart Like His: Seeking the Heart of God Through a Study of David, © Lifeway Press®, 1996, page 26.

I'm praying that we will ALL live in the faith in our LIVING, ACTIVE GOD. Oh, dear one, if we can actually catch that understanding!!!! Dearest Father, PLEASE help me to do exactly that - allow you to LIVE in the middle of my life. Burn through my life, Lord, until You can be CLEARLY seen in it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You absolutely MUST read this post!

Keith is a dear friend from college; he and his wife, Wendy, are two of the few people on this Earth to whom I would trust everything I hold dear.

Please, please read this post.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I received this from a friend this afternoon; please pray for the whole family!!!

Many of you know my cousin Craig's son, Justin, has been very ill since he was 11. He's now 19. First leukemia and a bone marrow transplant, graft/host disease from this transplant. Lip cancer, cancer of the lymph nodes. He had a stroke about 3 months ago and right before Christmas a tracheotomy because of a constricted airway. As his mother indicates in the email update below, Justin needs our prayers more than does the entire family (Jordan is his younger brother - a senior in high school.)

Please pray for them.

Donna W.

I don't know if you talked to Craig but we got home on the 2nd and on the 3rd Justin started to go downhill with a fever and low oxygen. It got so bad that we had to call 911 and they took him to Mary Washington and then flew him by helicopter to Richmond. He has an infection and we are back in intensive care and hopefully go to the regular floor tomorrow.

I have been here since Sunday. Craig needs to work, we can't afford for him to lose his job and insurance. So he is coming down tomorrow morning to relieve me for a couple days.

I really don't know how this is all going to go, it has been a rollercoaster ride for 2 months now. Just when you get some hope, something happens. Justin has been close to leaving us this last month 3 or 4 times. The doctor told me yesterday that he has never seen such strength and faith in anyone like Justin before. You would not believe what he has come thru. We do not want Justin to keep going for us and we have told him this but if he thinks that he can beat all this we will do whatever is humanly possible to get him well, of course with God's help. Bottom line is this is in God's hands and it is between God and Justin.

This is very difficult to understand but we have to accept what may happen and we have tried to prepare Jordan for the worst. Please don't think that we are giving up hope or losing faith but there is a bigger picture that we don't understand but right now I think a miracle is needed.

Keep the prayers coming and love you guys.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

May he give you the desire of your heart
and make all your plans succeed.

We will shout for joy when you are victorious
and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.
May the LORD grant all your requests.

Psalm 20:4-5

Goodness, time just FLIES. I have SO MUCH that didn't get done during December; not only were we blessed with lots of stay-over company, but we had a washing mashine cause over $10,000 worth of flood damage! Which, in turn, caused a lot of fuss and turmoil, and time to recover - but God is GOOD, and there are LOTS of possible worse-than-it-was scenarios! :)

Last year, I THINK, we talked a bit about goals. This year, I want to present you with a DEFINITE goal to work on TOGETHER. Becky, one of my dear friends, was so not satisfied with the way her Christmas went! So, we're joining together to make every 25th of the month "DO SOMETHING FOR CHRISTMAS DAY"!

Whether it's gather your recipes together in one place for the special treats you want to make, or addressing your Christmas card envelopes early so you only have to do the cards - we're going to take one day a month to focus on getting things DONE, so we don't have to cram at the last minute. :)

Now, I will admit to you: I do a LOT of the same things year after year, and thanks to Christmas Organizing, I've had a couple of Christmas notebooks - one in particular I keep my December calendar, shopping lists for traditional meals and the Open House, and recipes in. It SO helps to be ORGANIZED - and it's a little, teeny-tiny job to do at the beginning of the year! I highly recommend CO - I'm a moderator for the Yahoo group, so I'm around there a lot. :D Krisann is a great person, and you'll learn a lot from her! (I'm not getting compensated in any way for the promo, just offering a place you can get sensible help!)

IF you want to join us in this goal, 11 days total in a year - because obviously, you'll be CELEBRATING Christmas in December! :D - just leave me a comment, or send me an email. I'll remind us on the 24th of each month, and IF POSSIBLE, tell you what I'll be working on. If it's a present for you, I can't really tell, now, can I. :D

OK, off to get back to work for the year. Please pray for me; I'm still pretty TIRED.

Be blessed, dear one! I would love to hear from you! Let me know what's going on in your life! If you have anything I can pray about, let me know - or tell me if you'd like everyone here to pray for you! It's a small group, but they LOVE to pray for other people!! :)

YOU ARE LOVED!!!! My prayer for you is that you'll truly discover HOW MUCH this year - it will change your life!