Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Would you like to join in?

Good morning, everyone! How are you today?!?!?!? It's a beautiful, sunshiny day here in mid-TN; the birds are enjoying the back yard, and I'm enjoying the flowers and the birds. :)
Nancy has read this book before - it's the one Kenn and I are going to go through together - and suggested that she'd like to go through it on a chapter-by-chapter basis, too. Would YOU like to do that, as well? It's available online, in bookstores - we got ours at Books-A-Million - and at libraries. We'd LOVE to have you join in!
Kenn and I are going to do a chapter a week, because we're so busy - we don't want to rush it, and don't want to have it become a HAVE-TO thing. I'd really like to keep it that way here, too! SO. leave a comment if you're going to walk through the book with us. :)
I hope you will - it reallly looks like a great book, and the more observations, the better! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

How was your weekend? Did you get to spend time with friends and/or family? I was SUPER-busy! What IS it with weekends nowadays?!?!?! I feel like IF I get a break, it's during the WEEK sometime! CRAZY.

Anyway. :D It's MONDAY; it's time to share what you learned - and we're going to expand that a bit, I think, since there are a lot of my dear friends who either aren't churched right now, or can't always go. So, what did you learn at church, in Sunday school, or in your devotions? What is God saying to you???? What does He want you to do this week?
Kenn and I have started to read Randy Alcorn's book, HEAVEN, together; we JUST got it, and will talk about it once a week - this is something I've been wanting to do for a while! So, I started reading the introduction. Did you know, in our world, 250,000 people die EVERY DAY? They're each destined for either Heaven or Hell. It just made me start thinking - JUST that statement: what have I done to influence the choice that each person around me makes?
I've never believed in being one of those hellfire people; I firmly believe God has asked me to lead a life that SHOWS Him. I know I USED to be effective at that; I can't help but wonder how I'm doing these days. I pray that He will use this blog to touch someone's life today!!!!!
So, what else are you up to? Talk to me! I LOVE hearing from you! I want to know what God is telling you. I'm always amazed at how He can start movements one individual at a time. I want to LISTEN, and OBEY!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Show & Tell Friday!!!!

It's Show & Tell, sponsored by Kelli! Be sure and go to check out her site - it's a wonderful, warm, welcoming site! :)

It's been one of THOSE days, where nothing *quite* seemed to go right. SO, I'm going to show you a salad that we make a lot around here, especially for company. :D

It's a copycat recipe from Applebee's - I LOVE their Oriental Chicken Salad! I have tweaked MY recipe a bit, but here is a link to the copcat recipe!

The reason I think this qualifies for the Show & Tell? Well, I've made it MY recipe. I'm KNOWN for this salad now. :D And I took this great picture, too. LOL!!! It's coming up to summer, too, and this salad is light and refreshing - and I hope those of you browsing thru the Show & Tell sites will try this, and enjoy it! :)

Have a BLESSED day!!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The award goes to.... :)

Hello, dear ones!!! My friend Kimmie gave me this award - almost two weeks ago, I'm ashamed to say!!! - and it's MY turn to pass it on.

I would send it right back to Kimmie; she's always so sweet, and encouraging! But since she's already GOT it, well.... :D

Becky, for ALWAYS loving me, no matter what I say, for always encouraging me, and for being an awesome inspiration.

Jamie, for being my friend for a VERY long time, and never giving up on me. :)

Jennifer, for making me laugh no matter what kind of mood I'm in.

Sparrow, for being a great inspiration, and ALWAYS very sweet and uplifting.

Nancy, for ALWAYS caring, ALWAYS checking up on me, and ALWAYS sharing her heart.

Thank you, my dear friends. You BLESS me so much, each and every day!!! Even if you don't hear from me for FOREVER, I hope this will help you know how much I appreciate you!!!!

I'm home!

But it's taking me a while to get into reality again. :D So, while I figure out what the heck I'm doing, here's a quiz to take. It's a FUN one!!!! :D

You Are Bare Feet

You are a true free spirit, and you can't be tied down.

Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times!

You are very comfortable in your own skin.

You are one of the most real people around. You don't have anything to hide.

Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic.

You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental.

You should live: Somewhere warm

You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still gone!

Just wanted to stop in and let you know we're having a wonderful time! We'll be back late tomorrow night, in case you need me, but I wanted to stop in and say hi. Miss you, and can't wait to hear from everyone!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OK, it's Thursday night...

and I'm headed out of town. :) It's been a really busy week! I'm headed to the WOMEN OF JOY conference in Branson, MO, and then Kenn and I are going to take four days and remember what it's like to be a COUPLE. :) So, I'll see you sometime next week - I MIGHT try to post while we're gone, but not sure.

Have a WONDERFUL week! I want to hear all about what you've been up to!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Show & Tell Friday!

Good afternoon, everyone! It's Friday, which means Show & Tell, sponsored by Kelli.

This is my contribution for this week! It's actually TWO show & tells in one! :)

The two pots on the ends are ones I threw about 10 years ago. I LOVE throwing, and LOVE doing ceramics - but time and especially FINANCES have contrived to stop me from doing either.

These two are from a class I took at a community college in Florence, Oregon. I make a huge mess when I throw, but I can't tell you how satisfying it is to watch something with a beautiful shape grow out of a lump of clay and some water!!!

The teapot in the middle belonged to my maternal grandmother, who passed away over a year ago. She LOVED having a pot of tea and reading a book - something I also love to do - so I was blessed to receive this. She was a gentle woman who loved to laugh, and I got my love of reading partly from her. My mom reminds me of her - the GOOD points, anyway. :D

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your visit, and will be back soon! :D

BE BLESSED, you who *are* blessed and highly favored!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good morning! :)

There's not a lot going on here; I'm still trying to remember what "normal life" is like. :D I got to go socialize with a group of ladies from my church last night, and tonight I get to go out witha group of rebel Red and Purple Hats. :D I have FRIENDS?!?!??! Woah. Haven't seen most of 'em in a LONG time!!! :)

So, since there's not a whole lot going on life-wise, let me tell you what I've decided to do! You know those tiny flower pictures I keep showing you, the ones with verses on them? Well, I'm going to be offering them in some poster sizes, so you can order for yourself or for loved ones as gifts. Also, I'm going to do greeting cards with them. I want to get a few more images together, and determine pricing, before I get the whole gallery set up. But I'll also continue to share them here. :)

Here's one for today. May you have a richly blessed day, fully content in resting in Him while you take care of all the "must-do" things you have!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's MONDAY!!!!!! :D

Good morning, dear ones!!!!!! The show is OVER. I have to admit, I did get a BIT emotional yesterday - but it's all Trey's fault. :) He's a young man we've worked with before, and he's a joy to be around - very polite, and his mom is simply WONDERFUL, too. :) ANYWAY. He had his mom bring me flowers - and she said it was ALL his idea! :) Such a sweet, THOUGHTFUL thing for a boy to do. They were the only flowers I received!
ANYWAY. I guess you could put that into the "what I learned yesterday" category! :D Thoughtfulness in children ISN'T dead! :D
Kenn & I only went to Sunday school yesterday; we needed to gather things to use for the strike, and we were VERY tired!!! Poor Kenn's been working a LOT, and just hasn't been able to get rested - and he's fighting ANOTHER cold. We are talking about Joseph - as in the Technicolor Dreamcoat :D - for the next few weeks. We talked a lot about communication in families, and how things can affect us for life. We had a great discussion - besides just regular discussion, we have a therapist in our classroom, plus MY specialty is interpersonal communications. :D
Anyway. It is a GLORIOUS day here - and yesterday was, too!! The tulips are simply GORGEOUS. I'm going to leave you with THIS thought today - God is SO good, my friend. HE LOVES YOU. Thank Him for all He IS today!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I just HAVE to brag a bit!

We got a great review from a local newspaper, The Lebanon Democrat, last week - but here's one I didn't even know was going to happen! Trudy LOVED our show. :D So, that's TWO people who reviewed it for others. I'm SO thrilled! Go HERE to check this review out!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Oh, I said that already, didn't I. :D Well, I meant it! LOL!
This picture was featured in Monday's devotional that Kenn & I send out, so I apologize if it's a repeat for you - but I REALLY liked this shot. :)
Have you heard about the WOMEN OF JOY conference? Well, I'm BLESSED - I get to go to the one in Branson, MO this month!!! Here's the link, if you're interested in finding out a bit more:
If you're going to be there, please drop me a note! I'd LOVE to meet up with you!
So, what's everyone up to today? It's the beginning of allergy season here, and I'm starting to pay for it. I've got a wicked sore throat, so I'm taking it easy today - because I have four more days of show, and Sunday's going to be DIFFICULT, with strike and church and show.
Please talk to me! :) I may take a little long to get back to you, but I promise, I will eventually! :) There are a lot of you hurting right now; thank you for trusting me enough to tell me about it. I am praying for you, dear one. God knows your heart! He loves you, and knows the plans He has for you. He knows the desires of your heart - and they're His desires! You've sought after Him, and He loves you, SO MUCH. Rest in Him today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BE BLESSED. You ARE blessed, and highly favored! Now, go BE BLESSED!!!!