Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How much MORE!

I really hope you'll click on the picture today, and really soak in both the picture and the Scripture. Go ahead. I'll wait for you!
::::::::: watching dogwood sway and listening to windchimes:::::::::::
Isn't this an awesome thing? Let me give you another illustration for what God's saying here!
I LOVE tulips. I love almost any flower, but there's just something about the shape and incredible multitude of olors that tulips come in that I just love. They're one of the first flowers of spring, too, and I love watching them grow and POP UP! :) It's amazing - there can be nothing there one day, and the next they're in full bloom!
ANYWAY. :) Last time Dad was out of town, I wrote him a note to tell him how much I appreciated his planting so many. We have over 400 bulbs out there! I know it's because I love them so much. I know he doesn't get a chance to appreciate them too much when he travels - Kenn sends pictures, but it's just not the same as being able to watch them wave in the breeze!
You know what my dad wrote back? "I hope they help you know how much you're loved."
Wow. My dad plants tulips JUST BECAUSE HE LOVES ME.
Dear one, God does the same thing - He CREATED those tulips because He loves me. And if He'll give me beautiful tulips in the spring when Dad plants them, just THINK what other good things He wants to give me!
This passage says He'll give me as much of the Holy Spirit as I'll ask for. We all-too-often forget the Holy Spirit when we talk about God. He's IN me now - but how often do I allow Him to guide? Do I LISTEN to what He's trying to tell me? Do I follow His tug to do this or that?
I'm learning. I'm a living sacrifice, after all - and that means I tend to crawl off the altar when I'm not focusing. But I want to get my SELF out of the way, and let GOD shine through my life. I want HIM to get all the glory. As I follow His leading, it gets easier. But I can still get unfocused - my prayer is that I continue to lift my eyes to Him, and not look at things around me that distract me. The more I fill my vision with Him, the less I get distracted.
How's YOUR vision, dear one? Are you looking to Him for your sustenance? Is He your Guide, or just your emergency rope?


sparrow's song said...

Lovely photo! I looked closer to see if there were any tiny bugs crawling but there weren't any. I love tulips too and requested my husband plant them when we moved in. Since then, he's planted many more. Sadly, they don't stay very long. Enjoy!!

you shared,
Are you looking to Him for your sustenance? Is He your Guide, or just your emergency rope?I remember when people were waiting in the Military to see when it was announced for whether or not they made the next rank above someone else. In desperation during that time of the unknown, they would say things like, 'Well, it's all in God's hands' or ask for prayer. I wondered if they thought God was a magic genie in the sky granting their every wish even though they paid no mind to Him any other time except when they're in panic mode. It was only proof of how very far from Him they truly were because of their misconception of who He is.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog. BUT I know it wasn't by accident!!!
I have been struggling lately with having to go back to work after 21 years.
I'm going to come visit your blog everyday. (Loss of words). Anyway, thank you for creating this blog....