Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't forget!

Today is the first DO SOMETHING FOR CHRISTMAS DAY of the year! :) Each 25th of the month, Becky and I have committed to doing SOMETHING for Christmas. Today, I'm trying to sort out my tree decorations as I put them away - I grew a brand-new tree this year. ;D
Be sure and leave me a comment about what YOU do today! Only 11 more months! :D


Ginny said...

I am working at putting away our decorations. It's slow going.

Kelli said...

I wish I'd known you were doing this!

S said, "That's one way to keep the season going all year long. I hope they don't go into overload and start seeing elves everywhere they look by August." =)

What are your ideas of things to do for THIS month?