Thursday, July 8, 2010

Everyday Hero

Hello, dear ones! I heard through the grapevine that maybe one or two of you missed me. :D I'm sorry I've been gone so long; I've got lots of thoughts brewing, but sometimes it takes me a LONG time to get a photo to go with it, or to get my thoughts to flow cohesively. :)

So I'm here today. And I want to tell you about a friend of mine.

We've never met in person. But I know she loves God with all her heart. No matter what her circumstances, she serves other people.

How do I know?

For one thing, she is passionate about ministering to the children of Haiti. She's gone on at least two mission trips (forgive me if I've forgotten earlier trips!), and her love for them and her desire to show them God's love is evident in every word she posts, every photo she shares.

For another, I have physical proof. Let me share some of what she wrote me:

I saw your FB (FaceBook to the uninitiated! :D) post about your theater friend needing clothes. A day before that, I had tried on the blue dress and was thinking about making it into a skirt. I love the material and print.... But then the Holy Spirit nudged me - I have enough skirts. Someone might need a dress. Then I read your FB note!....
Anyway, because of what God spoke to me about in Haiti concerning giving...and what the Holy Spirit prompted me about last week, I am sending these [clothing items] on to you for your friend or someone else in need....

Dear ones, I'm not going to tell you WHO this person is - she knows, and she would not thank me for "outing" her, because of the things God is teaching her about giving. :) But I want you to be AWARE of people like my friend, and AWARE of your surroundings. And that still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit.

Many of us don't have much in the first place. But we can still give of ourselves, our time. Honestly? It's easier to throw money at a problem and go on about our lives than it is to invest of ourselves in "a problem" - that "problem" has a face, a heart, a LIFE. When you feel the tug of compassion, listen a little closer. What does GOD want you to do? I urge you, sisters and brothers, to LISTEN to Him. Take the time to let Him speak - don't just tell Him what you want. Be still, and listen. Let Him love you.

(Hmmm. This post took an unexpected turn, but someone needs it! :D)

Be blessed, dear one. Know that the King of kings loves YOU. And hopefully, it won't be so long when I come back. :D

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Moose Ridge said...

oh, very beautiful and thoughtful!

thank you and love you!!
Dunlap TN