Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas, Christmastime is HERE!

Hello, dear friends! How are you this beautiful day? It's SUNNY here - I know Kenn will be THRILLED about that. he's been bemoaning the fact he hasn't seen the sun in days. It makes him even crankier. LOL!

It's the 19th of December. Only a few more days until we celebrate the birthday of our King! Our church held its birthday celebration on Wednesday - it was a HUGE party. :) There was dancing everywhere, and so many carols - so much jubilation! Many, many different ways of giving thanks for the amazing grace that came from Heaven were shown Wednesday night. It was amazing.

Have you been too caught up in the hustle and bustle of this season? Have you been able to just SIT, and dwell on His amazing love for you? Or to celebrate the gratitude in your heart towards Him? I would encourage you to do so! :D

The picture above is one of our newest acquisitions for our decorating in the kitchen (I'll try to get a few pictures from the open house up soon....). He was originally made to be a paper towel holder, but I LOVE this little snowman's attitude: HUG ME! BE HAPPY!!!!!! :D

I encourage you, dear friend, to bring someone to your house this season. A close friend you want to enjoy, a friend who's having a difficult time this year due to stress or loss, someone you want to get to know better. Welcome them. Treat them to an hour of your time. Share a season of peace and hope with them. Bless them - and you will be absolutely AMAZED at how blessed you are in return.

YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sparrow's song said...

Pausing to wish you both a very Merry Christmas.

No snow for us here but we are suppose to get some sunshine. I'd much rather prefer SONshine.

Sending Holiday Hugs.