Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Requests that came in last night!

This is from Hootie:
"Lori, I have read these requests and will add them to my prayer journal. Will u please add my parents to the list. God knows the need in their life and I pray God shows them what they need to do and they will listen. I need prayer for strengh. Thank u!!"

Now, for Shirl:
After all the weeks of my hobbling around --it has been determined that a hip replacement would help me-----only thing now is after visit to my Dr. yesterday--he was not happy with the ekg--so I have to waite till Thurs. (11th) to have stress test to see if my heart is up to the surgery-------Hope I can pass that test--and get-her-done---so I will be able to get back to work at Encore-----Don't really know How you have managed without me--LOL--------Thanks for all the good thoughts you have sent my way---Love Ya all----Shirl

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Becky in East Tennessee said...

Lord I pray for Hootie and her parents. Shes had such a rough go of it lately. I pray for the doctors to know the right remedies and the right things to do to help them. Please give Hootie strength in caring for them as well as her own family.

Lord I also pray for yesterdays request for a friends father. Lord she doesnt need to be recognized, because we know that YOU know her needs. I lift her up to you and of course her daddy.

Father please bless Shirl as well. Please aline everything so that the tests and surgery will all be just perfect. Bless her doctors and the machines that will help make her better. Bless those that are helping her too.

Once again father, bless Lori and bless this site for being an outlet for prayers.