Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please read, pray, and help out if you can!

Good morning, dear friends! I'm sorry I've been so GONE lately. I'm feeling overwhelmed off and on these days, but God's SO good! :) I just nestle in closer to Him, and we keep going on together. :)

Today, I want to share another person's blog with you. Her name is Sarah, and she's on the mission field. It's a HARD field, and I want you to go check it out:

The reason I learned about Sarah's mission is because a friend of mine, Lori, told me the following story:

Here is the story I was telling you about the CP wheelchairs. One
thing I forgot to add is that I really didn't want to deliver food
that day. I almost called out. Here is the story I sent to my friends:

I am not sure if you know but I am helping my friend Sarah, who owns
Sarah's covenant homes in India, to raise money for Cerebral
palsy wheelchairs. Almost all of the 85 kids she has, have CP. They
have one CP wheelchair. Our women's ministry at church was gonna try
to raise money.

Today while delivering Meals on Wheels--a man was at a house I
delivered too and was talking about the new ramp that was built onto
this woman's house. He said he was from the Cerebral Palsy
organization of Middle Tn and that he was behind getting the ramp
material and labor donated to this woman. I started telling him about
Sarah's Covenant Home in India and that I was raising money for CP
wheelchairs and he looked at me and said --we have a whole warehouse
full and we have a program and we would ship to India. Tears started
falling from my eyes. I couldn't compose myself. It was God!!!

My friends, please at least add Sarah and her incredible work to your prayer list. Let her know you're praying! Encourage her!

OK, I'm going to run - I'm woefully behind in what I need to get done!!! - but know this: YOU ARE LOVED with an EVERLASTING LOVE! BE BLESSED!

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Anonymous said...

thanks, Lori. You're sweet.