Thursday, July 10, 2008

God is GOOD, all the time!

Good afternoon, dear friend. I'm so glad you checked in! :D

My sister and brother-in-law are arriving this afternoon. We're going to be busy for the next few days - I'm even going to manage to fit in some work Sunday afternoon! :D

So, please forgive me if posting is a little sporadic. Not like I've been ALWAYS punctual or anything, but still! :D I hope you'll leave me a comment or two; tell me how God's blessed YOUR life this week!

What, the salad? :D It's an Applebee's oriental chicken salad, done at home. Check out this website to get the copycat recipe! You'll LOVE it - and be able to change it up as YOU want!!!

BE BLESSED, dear one! You ARE already, you know - try counting your blessings!! They add up quickly; you'll be humbled by how much God has done in your life. Don't forget to THANK HIM!!!!!


Mam said...

Amen, dear sister! I love some of those copycat recipes. That looks GOOD!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

YUMMO! That DOES look great!

And I t-totally agree. God is GOOD all of the time. Not just some of the time, but ALL of the time.

We sat Church out this week, as we just needed to focus on ourselves for a day or so.

But in our quietness, God is evident. We are truly blessed.


jennifer said...

Lori, I AM blessed. 3 healthy children. A husband that is a provider. My health, and sometimes sanity, as well. God is indeed GOOD! I just praise Him with you!

And the salad looked Delish!