Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!

Hi, girls! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted - I'm going away AGAIN this coming weekend, and I'm trying to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. PHEW. I gotta lotta ducks! :D

ANYWAY. We had a lovely time getting away to Smyrna this weekend. :) We went and dropped Kenn's wedding band off for resizing- my gift to him for our anniversary. :D Then, we went and had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings - Kenn loves to play trivia there! :) He has a LOT of knowledge, and always impresses me.

Off to the hotel we went, and checked in just fine. We had a "suite", and it was really comfy. We set up our computers and made sure we both could get online ;), and off Kenn sped to work - just a few minutes away!

I took a short nap, then worked most of the afternoon. But it was so nice to not have other things I "needed" to do distracting me; I watched TV, had a snack, read some of a book I took, and just generally kicked back while working. :D Kenn came back around 8, got changed, and we went to a local restaurant for dinner. We had a really good dinner! Appetizers, and dinner - and we were soooooooo full, but took a piece of their carrot cake with us; we'd been told it was their signature dessert. :)

Back we went, and it wasn't too long - some football scores later :D - that we went to sleep.

We got up about our regular time on Sunday, our real anniversary. We got ready - this is Kenn that morning :) - and Kenn brought some breakfast up for us. We also ate a bit of the carrot cake. WOW, was it rich. We decided to take it home with us, but it didn't survive the heat. It was MUCH warmer than I thought it was supposed to be!!!!

We left the hotel - which was about FIVE minutes from church - about 15 minutes after we normally would leave our HOUSE for a 35 minute drive. Can ANYONE say ANTSY?!?! ::::::::sigh:::::::::::: That's Kenn for you, in case you didn't know. :D

Church was EXCELLENT, as usual, and then we had sushi for lunch and came home to relax and unpack.

There. Now you know the whole weekend! :D It was really nice. Thank you for your well-wishes and prayers for us. :)

God's stirring up that topic in me again, girls. I'll be posting soon, the next in the series of Christian relationships.

Leave me a note, let me know you visited!!! :D BE BLESSED, dear one! YOU ARE LOVED AND HIGHLY FAVORED!!!


karna said...

Sounds like a glorious weekend!!!!! Sushi too!! i am jealous! May you be blessed with many more years together!

I am anxious to read more on your subject of relationships for sure. Enjoy your weekend...you do have a lot of ducks!

You remind me of when I was young :)


Ginny said...

Glad you had a nice weekend!

Mam said...

I'm glad you all had such a good time! I looked at the menu. Scrumptious!