Friday, September 5, 2008

Updates and Nothin' Much :D

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday! :)
Aren't these beautiful?? Kenn just brought them home to kick off our anniversary weekend. :D It's on Sunday; it will be 12 years, officially. :D They are GLORIOUS flowers - although "peace roses" are deceptively named; they should be called "thorns of death" roses! :D Thank you, My Love, for the beautiful flowers. And for 12 years of ups, downs, and sideways - and love.
OK, you wanted to know how Rhonda's meeting went - so I had her write an update! Here it is:
The meeting I had with my principal and coworker went incredibly well. It really shouldn't be such a suprise. God promises to hear his children when they call to Him.
I had many people praying for me and could definately feel the prayers as they went up. I spent a couple of minutes before going in to the meeting praying once again that God would give me wisdom as I went in.

I don't think it is necessary to tell the contents of the meeting, but I will say this. God held my tongue when I needed to be quiet and wisdom to see what needed to be said at the right time. I truly felt God's presence in the room with me. Because of Him I could walk out of the meeting knowing that I had been obedient to God and as loving as one can be in that situation!

Thanks to EVERYONE who lifted me up that day! I am incredibly blessed to have people care even when they do not know me personally! I pray that God would pour down on you blessings far beyond anything you could ever comprehend!

Rhonda Binion
So there you have it! :) God is GOOD, all the time!!! :D If I don't post again this weekend, it's because I'm not feeling like doing so. :D Have a WONDERFUL weekend, my dear friend! BE BLESSED!!!!

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karen said...

oh those are BEAUTIFUL roses!!!! WTG Kenn!!! What did you give him? I hope you have a wonderful anniversary weekend and celebrating 12 years of ups,downs, and is grand!!

Happy Happy Celebration(s)!!!!
Love you, karen

thanks for the update and so glad it went well Rhonda! :) Karen