Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This, That, and The Other....

Good afternoon, dear friend!!! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me. :)
Yes, indeed, I do have too many ducks. :D But I'm beating them into submission, I promise. :D
Thank you, those of you who prayed for the insurance by the state to pick me up! It DID!!! Unfortunately, they don't have funding to help out with the premiums, so please continue to pray for that financial burden - it's considerably more than COBRA was, but it's still insurance! :)
Rhonda and I are making plans for her visit for Thanksgiving; I think she's pretty excited. :D She's ready to come NOW, but I told her I need the next two months to get everything done I need to! LOL!!
This photo is part of our fall decorations; this is on the mantel in my stampin' room. Isn't it beautiful??? I love fall, and then comes CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Mom had all the decorations up in an afternoon; the outside will go up when we can get corn stalks from the farmer's market.
I just wanted to post and say thank you. :D And THANK YOU goes out to Karna, also; she sent me a papercrafting book! :) It was very sweet, and I'm blessed beyond measure just by her friendship!
Have a wonderful, blessed day, dear friends!!!! I treasure you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Count your MANY blessings, and see how loved you are. :)


karna said...

oh my goodness do not beat the ducks! PETA will be at your door in no time. Get them each a leash like they have in Laguna Beach CA, and just walk them gently and in order :)

You're quite welcome for the book; I know you will make even more and more gorgeous cards.

Love your decorations. If you did the porch or anything else inthe house THE INSPIRED ROOM link on my blog has a contest going on... :)

a cowboy's wife said...

You won a list caddy..need you to claim with your mailing address.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

You have an amazing nack for decorating!! It looks beautiful!