Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a GLORIOUS Sunday afternoon!

I don't know where YOU live, but here in middle Tennessee, it's a beautiful fall day; the temperature is hovering around 70, with a brisk wind. The pyracanthus (sp?!?!?) is almost to its full, glorious orange-red in the back yard - expect a photo soon. :D
Friday morning, I was sitting here at my desk working and I looked out the window. I didn't get a picture of the hawk that was out there earlier in the day, but I DID get a picture of this first: a flock of wild turkeys RIGHT outside our back door!!! They were between the back steps and the garden - so MAYBE 10 yards from my desk!!!! It's NEVER happened here that I know of, but I'm SO glad I was sitting here to see it!! :D Aren't they funny???
Once again, God blessed me by putting me in a quiet, still place to see the blessing He had for me. Dear one, I encourage you to see the place He has for you. Big or seemingly small, there is a blessing waiting for your notice RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ginny said...

Wild turkeys ARE funny! We occasionally see them when traveling one of the highways here.

Thanks for sharing from Psalm 91. It's one of Phil's favorites, and I understand why.

Our weather is changing again. Multiple low pressure systems are coming in, which cause problems with sinuses, arthritic knees, and those of us with fibromyalgia. It got extremely windy, and even though the temp. was around 50, it was cold. We had thunder and lightning, followed by driven rain. Tuesday and Wednesday the forecast high is 40! Please, send some warm breezes our way!!

Ginny said...

Oops - forgot to share the blessings . . . I can actually use my craft desk again (i.e., it's cleared off)! I also finally got our cross stitched wedding sampler reframed - it had mildewed due to moisture getting into it; friends of Sarah got the mildew out, and I had a new mat cut. All the pieces finally came together today and it's hanging over the bed again. These may seem like little things, but they've been a long time coming, and to complete them on a day that I feel totally rotten, well, that's a blessing.

karen said...

oh i miss my turkeys in Idaho!!!!! They used to come by every single day; a nice family to be sure! They liked to eat the sunflowers that dropped from the birdfeeders and then they would hang around on my deck. One day i heard some thumping around on the deck and the mom and ad turkeys were on TOP of my table out tehre hahahaa. Thanks for the great memory :)

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Wheres me a gun! *gasp* KIDDING OF COURSE! Arent they beautiful in their own ugly way??