Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's FINALLY fall!

Good evening, dear ones! It's FINALLY beginning to cool down here - today was such a beautiful day here. Kenn and I went to the orchard, and took a wonderful drive in the country. It was cool, and clear, and just beautiful. :) I love days like today!

God is SO good. He gives us days like this to enjoy. Have you taken the time to look around and see what He's blessed you with out your window?
You MUST go see FIREPROOF. Seriously. Even if you're not in a relationship, it's SO worth your support and worth SEEING. I can't tell you enough - GO. Check out the link! And take a tissue with you..... :D
Many of you are facing trials again right now; I've heard from several of you. Please remember to lift each other up in prayer, dear ones. You NEVER know when God will bring someone to mind, and how important it is you say a prayer right then!
I'm going to run; Kenn's on his way home from an assignment right now, and he has to leave quite early in the morning.
Be blessed, dear one. Open your eyes to the blessings God has poured out on you already - it will AMAZE you when you start looking. He LOVES you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ginny said...

Outside our windows, it's cold, rainy, grey, and generally yucky. Yeah, it's fall in western New York! Some of the trees are turning, but most are just starting. I'm looking forward to possibly seeing some sunshine next week, although the temps are going to remain in the 50's.

karna said...

I had to giggle when I read Ginny's post because I came to post how beautiful our first rain was today in California!!! I am so done with summer...:).

Fall has to be my most favorite season of all...and I do enjoy summer if it stays 72 degrees :).

When I looked out my kitchen window this morning I saw all hte petunias I planted in pots yesterday brightening up the deck areas...further into the yard I saw some robins, finches and baby bluejays...and then the roses that are up against the fence.

I treasure the beautiful area in which I live ... and I will treasure the next place I live as I do the last place I lived. :)

I am so grateful to God for where I live and what I see.

No bombs are dropping next to my home, no driveby shootings occur here, no helicopters overhead like in the drug neighborhoods of Southern California.

I pray peace for all those who do endure such living situations and it just brings home how blessed I am and how blessed most of us are who have time to blog that while we have struggles, illnesses and seasons of discontent - they are nothing compared to those in third world countries, in particular.

God bless