Monday, October 6, 2008

Pleasant Monday Afternoon to You!

Good afternoon! Boy, this day is FLYING by!!! (I'm really hoping this picture is bigger when I publish this blog....)

I'm sorry it was raining outside your windows, girls. :D Actually, I'm not. We haven't had rain in weeks again, so you're getting blessed! :D And I bet it's even nice. I remember New York State, Ginny. :) The rain still makes me feel so glad to have a cozy home!!! :)

ANYWAY. We had an incredibly busy weekend, and I needed most of yesterday afternoon and evening to get my brain back. Phew, I felt braindead yesterday! Today, Kenn had to take off quickly when they called and told him he'd had an early-morning assignment no one bothered to tell him about; he'll be gone all day. So, I've been working, blogging, and trying to make home a pleasant place to be again. I've got a long way to go, but every little bit helps!

Think about this: if pleasant words are a balm to the soul, I think there's something as great about our environments that affects our well-being. Of course, it's usually easier to control our homes than our TONGUES.... :D But I think that's why women really respond to calm places, to colors, and why one of our heart's desires (usually, it's not always true!) is to create a HOME. Not just a house, not just someplace to eat and sleep, but someplace that is a refuge. Someplace that is what a tired soul needs after fighting the fight.

I don't do a good job with following through a lot of times, but I DO have that desire. I've done pretty good about fighting my packrat tendencies, but I have to fight Kenn's, too, and sometimes it overwhelms me. But Mom and Dad have provided us with SUCH a wonderful place to live, I'm determined to continue to fight! :D

OK. I'm off to do some design work, and to work on my home a little. I'd love to hear from you! What are you doing? How do you feel about what I wrote? How was church? (I'll try to remember to post about our services yesterday; I just run out of words to tell you BLESSED we are, every time we go!!!)

Count your blessings, dear one. I know some of you are going through an INCREDIBLE struggle right now. My heart hurts for you. Please know I care, and I'm praying for you. And God loves you. He can take all your disappointment, anger, frustration, lost dreams, and LOVE you.

Until next post! :) YOU ARE BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ginny said...

It was a beautiful day here, not a cloud in the lovely blue sky. Phil and I planted our new tree, which replaces the one that blew down when the remains of Ike came through. It was a lot of work, and we're both hurting, but I know we'll enjoy the lovely Kwanzan (flowering) Cherry tree!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

We got our rain today and it was sooooo nice!!!

I loooove this scarecrow. SOOOO cute!

I am blessed! Thanks for the reminder to recognize it!