Wednesday, August 6, 2008

EXCELLENT thought for your day!

My dear friend Becky sent me this today. It's from Crosswalk's Daily Devotional. I hope you're as convicted as I am. :)

You Get What You Pay For
Wendy Pope

"You were bought at a price."
1 Corinthians 6:20 (NIV)

Crocs: now those are some ugly shoes in my opinion! I am not always on the cutting edge of fashion but Crocs are foot fashion that I can not embrace. The colors are loud, the shape is bulky, and did I mention the cost can bust a budget? I typically like to invest my money in knock-offs rather than name brands, especially when it comes to my children because not too long after a purchase they either out grow or destroy the item. Therefore, with a knock-off, I typically get my money's worth. Except when I bought "Crocs."

My children wanted Crocs and kept asking for them. I gave in to the asking but committed not to buy the "real" thing. We went to one of the higher priced stores, not a discount box store, to make our purchase. This store was known for quality, not to mention the shoes the kids wanted were on sale. So with great excitement, we tried on some shoes, found the correct size, and paid for them. My children were so excited they asked to wear them out of the store. How could I resist? Everyone was happy for a few hours, then I heard a loud shout from the back of the car followed by a cry, "My Crocs (imitation or not we called them Crocs) broke." I couldn't believe it. I went back to the store with receipt in hand and exchanged my son's shoes.

Two days later the same shout and cry came from my son. The second pair broke. I don't have to tell you that I was regretting my purchase. I put the shoes in a bag with the receipt and was ready to return them the next time we were out running errands. We found him another pair of shoes to wear that day, and he was ready to go back outside to join his sister bike riding. As we walked out, my daughter rode up only to tell me that her "Crocs" had broken too. Are you feeling my frustration?

A week later, with the love of Jesus on my face I returned, not exchanged, the broken shoes. As I signed the receipt, I said to myself, "Well Wendy, you get what you pay for?" It was then I heard the sweet whisper of my Savior, "Do I get what I paid for?" Talk about heavy. What a loaded question.

I did not feel rebuking or discipline from the Lord but more a sense of disappointment. The disappointment I sensed was for His church, His children - me. He paid such a high price for our freedom and our invitation to eternity, but I couldn't help feeling what He often gets in return is our cheap imitation of Him. He paid the high price for the real thing, and I wonder if we give back the "knock-off" of our service and dedication. Do we take for granted that price paid, and neglect to give Him our best?

My children have real Crocs now. I broke down and made the investment. I even found them on sale. The words of the question the Lord whispered in my ear that day still echo in my mind. God made an incredibly expensive investment in my future by giving me the "real thing" of His own Son. It is up to me to make sure He gets what He paid for: a love relationship with me and a heart committed to making that same love known to others.

How about you? Is God getting what He paid for with your life?

Dear Lord, it is the cry of my heart for You know that You made a worthwhile invest by sacrificing Your life for mine. Forgive me for taking the price You paid for granted. With the help of Your Holy Spirit I can live a life that will not be a cheap imitation, but the real deal. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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Becky in East Tennessee said...

Oh my gosh! I KNEW you would be moved by this. I know it about knocked my socks off! It has been with me ALL morning, since I first read it. Thank you Jesus for reminding me to BE what I am to be.