Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Tuesday! :D

Good afternoon, dear friend! I'm SO glad you stopped by! :) How is your week going? How was your weekend?
Well, let me tell you! My weekend was so full of spiritual truths, and bits and pieces of spiritual "gum" - things I need to really chew over :D - that I can't sift them all out at one time.
I was blessed to be able to hear Priscilla Shirer in person again. Amy and I did a Bible study of hers called DISCERNING THE VOICE OF GOD together, and then I got to see her in person in Branson when I went earlier this year. As a matter of fact, she is the speaker I honestly went to hear in Branson. :)
Anyway. This weekend's conference was Friday night and Saturday morning. She's got one more of these events this year before she stops to have her baby :D, so I won't share everything I got from those two days for a little while. She's worth hearing for yourself! Honestly, every single person who went with our group got something TOTALLY different out of it! :) Plus, shes a communications person, and I would LOVE to be doing what she does - and I wouldn't want someone to "let the cat out of the bag" if I was!
Can I say ANYWAY again? :D Anyway! One of the things she said this weekend, not even as a bullet point :D, was that too many times we exalt our PROBLEMS over God. That's making Him SMALLER than whatever we're facing. We talk about the circumstance we find ourselves in more than we talk about God's goodness, grace, and faithfulness.
Did YOU hear that smack I got in the face??? :) WOW, do I see myself in that statement. I try to be very careful here on my blog to be SURE that God gets the glory and the exaltation, but in real life, sometimes I talk waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too much about my problems - whichever one is bothering me that day. :)
My reality check will be stopping at least once each day, and asking myself: if I've talked to anyone today, who or what was exalted (lifted above) during my conversation? As Amy told me yesterday when we were talking about it, I'm allowed to express concern and ask for support - but the problem, my fears, or Kenn's reactions will NOT be exalted in my conversations!! :)
Does anyone else recognize this in your own self? Dwell on HIS goodness, my friend, and count your blessings, and claim this circumstance as under His authority. He'll take care of you - He promises! :) HE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Becky in East Tennessee said...

Wow! This is inspiring. Oh yes, I am ALSO a victim of my own mouth. Since today is our wedding anniversary, I can personally attest to the fact that GOD makes it all better. God has a MUCH bigger plan than we do. After all...more than 15 years ago my husband and I sat in my dorm room stating that we didnt have a future together and it was best to break up again. Little did we know, that GOD had a future with us. HE wanted us together and it was just something WE were gonna have to get used to...like it er not. God is bigger than all...but its sooo hard to remember this when you have a vendictive person lashing out at us, a creditor on the phone line, a hateful spouse or just plain life in general. Thanks for the reminder to RAISE HIM UP!