Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Friday!

Gosh, is it POSSIBLY Friday already?!?!? I've been working hard this week to get ready for my Stampin' Up! open house Monday night - you can go visit my blog for more info about it. :D ANYWAY. Kenn LOVES what we call "munchy" meals - things where he can nibble whatever he wants for a couple of hours, versus a real meal. AND he's picky about what he eats - sorry, Love, but you are. :)

So, a few weeks ago I made a bunch of different dips, served them with a couple of different kinds of chips, and he was SO HAPPY. :) So, we've done it once a week.

Last night was the night. I had been to the grocery store Tuesday, found some bruschetta topping - tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, maybe a little balsamic vinegar - on sale, and they also had a crab dip we both liked (a miracle, truthfully!!!) on sale. So I made our favorite potato chip dip, clam dip, and made some spinach artichoke dip, and toasted up some leftover bread I had in the freezer, plus had some potato chips. Oh, and threw a dozen chocolate chip cookies into the oven for him.

I put this plate together JUST FOR YOU, my friend. Sit down with me. Isn't God GOOD? His bounty is overflowing! Especially in America. We think we're deprived if we can't have something we want. But we are SO blessed. So many in this world are hurting for the smallest thing. And look at what we are able to share!
I love you! I'm so glad you came to visit me. I wish you could stop by for a REAL visit, but until then, know that I count YOU as one of my blessings. I hope and pray you'll be aware of how blessed you are today!


karen said...

I could LIVE on appetizers...I often do!!! LOL That is quite a tasty selection you have provided. And if Kenn is picky about his food, well ... all that is so wonderful he can be picky! LOL You are sweet to please your husband and meet his needs for nibbly food. :) God is good in all his provisions...amen! K

Ginny said...

We have discovered the bruschetta topping at a local grocery store . . . it's fresh and you can get however much you want as it's sold by the pound. So good, but we can't indulge too often. I never think to make it myself, though. We also love pesto, which Sarah started making last year from the basil she grows. Another yum. We've served it on bread, chicken, and, I think, white fish. Mmmm.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Oh maaaaaaan I loooooooooove BRUSCHETTA!!!!!

This is awesome!