Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good morning! :)

There's not a lot going on here; I'm still trying to remember what "normal life" is like. :D I got to go socialize with a group of ladies from my church last night, and tonight I get to go out witha group of rebel Red and Purple Hats. :D I have FRIENDS?!?!??! Woah. Haven't seen most of 'em in a LONG time!!! :)

So, since there's not a whole lot going on life-wise, let me tell you what I've decided to do! You know those tiny flower pictures I keep showing you, the ones with verses on them? Well, I'm going to be offering them in some poster sizes, so you can order for yourself or for loved ones as gifts. Also, I'm going to do greeting cards with them. I want to get a few more images together, and determine pricing, before I get the whole gallery set up. But I'll also continue to share them here. :)

Here's one for today. May you have a richly blessed day, fully content in resting in Him while you take care of all the "must-do" things you have!


Becky in East Tennessee said...

I cant wait to see what you offer. Your photography is amazing!

MammyT said...

these are gonna be beautiful. I hope you get a lot of orders. But, tell me, does your dad get a cut for growing all these beautiful flowers? :)
P>S> Did you get a message from me that I have another herbal article up? I can't remember putting your address into my list.

Kimmie said...

I Love Lilacs! How beautiful. I think you have a Fabulous Idea! If you want any extra exposure just let me know and I will gladly post some of your pictures on my blog and let them know they are for sale in full bloom poster size.

sparrow's song said...

You did these!? They look so professional. Well done!