Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

How was your weekend? Did you get to spend time with friends and/or family? I was SUPER-busy! What IS it with weekends nowadays?!?!?! I feel like IF I get a break, it's during the WEEK sometime! CRAZY.

Anyway. :D It's MONDAY; it's time to share what you learned - and we're going to expand that a bit, I think, since there are a lot of my dear friends who either aren't churched right now, or can't always go. So, what did you learn at church, in Sunday school, or in your devotions? What is God saying to you???? What does He want you to do this week?
Kenn and I have started to read Randy Alcorn's book, HEAVEN, together; we JUST got it, and will talk about it once a week - this is something I've been wanting to do for a while! So, I started reading the introduction. Did you know, in our world, 250,000 people die EVERY DAY? They're each destined for either Heaven or Hell. It just made me start thinking - JUST that statement: what have I done to influence the choice that each person around me makes?
I've never believed in being one of those hellfire people; I firmly believe God has asked me to lead a life that SHOWS Him. I know I USED to be effective at that; I can't help but wonder how I'm doing these days. I pray that He will use this blog to touch someone's life today!!!!!
So, what else are you up to? Talk to me! I LOVE hearing from you! I want to know what God is telling you. I'm always amazed at how He can start movements one individual at a time. I want to LISTEN, and OBEY!!!!


Becky in East Tennessee said...

We went to an awesome little church this week! It was soooo great! Anyways...preacher spoke about Romans 13:11. Stating that it was high time that Christians start acting like Christians, and BELIEVING that Jesus could be here TODAY. Sleep=inactivity. And even though you claim to be a Christian, are you asleep in your duties for Christ?

This hit waaaay home for me, because since we have been without a church for almost a year that means I havent faithfully been serving for that long either. YIPES! Now, mind you I am NOT a person that believes in Good Works gets you into Heaven, but I AM a person that believes it is an absolute MUST of a Christian.

The people were extremely friendly. The congregation sang...the choir sang...some out of hymnals, some off the screen. It was wonderful!!!


MammyT said...

I read "Heaven" a few months ago and was blown away. Did a brief review on it then on my blog. It is one of those books that should be read in weekly installments and discussed, just as you are proposing. I'd love to take part in such a discussion. I can get it from the library again.
We are not going to church right now because I'm not through dealing with the fallout from our recent experiences. I'll be so happy to put it behind me.
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