Monday, April 7, 2008

It's MONDAY!!!!!! :D

Good morning, dear ones!!!!!! The show is OVER. I have to admit, I did get a BIT emotional yesterday - but it's all Trey's fault. :) He's a young man we've worked with before, and he's a joy to be around - very polite, and his mom is simply WONDERFUL, too. :) ANYWAY. He had his mom bring me flowers - and she said it was ALL his idea! :) Such a sweet, THOUGHTFUL thing for a boy to do. They were the only flowers I received!
ANYWAY. I guess you could put that into the "what I learned yesterday" category! :D Thoughtfulness in children ISN'T dead! :D
Kenn & I only went to Sunday school yesterday; we needed to gather things to use for the strike, and we were VERY tired!!! Poor Kenn's been working a LOT, and just hasn't been able to get rested - and he's fighting ANOTHER cold. We are talking about Joseph - as in the Technicolor Dreamcoat :D - for the next few weeks. We talked a lot about communication in families, and how things can affect us for life. We had a great discussion - besides just regular discussion, we have a therapist in our classroom, plus MY specialty is interpersonal communications. :D
Anyway. It is a GLORIOUS day here - and yesterday was, too!! The tulips are simply GORGEOUS. I'm going to leave you with THIS thought today - God is SO good, my friend. HE LOVES YOU. Thank Him for all He IS today!!!


Becky in East Tennessee said...

No church for me...I DO have the cold again...and this time its back with a vengence! I am soooo glad that you have so much diversity in your class! I bet it was a fabulous discussion!

Rhonda said...

On In Touch yesterday Charles Stanley talked about our responsibility to tell others the Good news of Christ. He went over how to be certain you have accepted Christ as your savior. He stressed that as Christians we need to be telling everyone we know what Christ has for them. It isn't just what you say, but how you act as well. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

in our Bible study we looked at the creation of Adam and Eve. From this we learned that we were created differently than all the rest of creation. All of the rest of creation was spoken into existence, man was lovingly created by God's own hands and filled with the very breath of God. We can rest assured that we Are extra special to God and need to treat his creation with respect.

MammyT said...

No church for me either. We will be looking for a new one. too bad. There are some changes which, if they took place, would allow us to continue there. But not now.
Hey, Lori. I know you'll be basking in the glow of your theatrical triumph for a while yet. Enjoy it. BTDT. It's great.

Ginny said...

Do pastors get together and decide to all preach about the same thing? Our pastor is preaching on Joseph in the mornings. As you know, I don't go in the morning, and Phil probably won't attend a morning service for a long time, but we did make it Sunday night. Pastor Tom took his AM message on the temptation of Joseph (Potipher's wife) to the New Testament, and spoke on James 1: 13 - 18. It was a good message.

Kimmie said...

When I don't get to church, I will watch it on my TV. I don't get the warm and fuzzies like I would if I were physically there, but I do get the me that is what is most important.

What a beautiful picture. Thank You for sharing Lori.