Friday, April 25, 2008

Show & Tell Friday!!!!

It's Show & Tell, sponsored by Kelli! Be sure and go to check out her site - it's a wonderful, warm, welcoming site! :)

It's been one of THOSE days, where nothing *quite* seemed to go right. SO, I'm going to show you a salad that we make a lot around here, especially for company. :D

It's a copycat recipe from Applebee's - I LOVE their Oriental Chicken Salad! I have tweaked MY recipe a bit, but here is a link to the copcat recipe!

The reason I think this qualifies for the Show & Tell? Well, I've made it MY recipe. I'm KNOWN for this salad now. :D And I took this great picture, too. LOL!!! It's coming up to summer, too, and this salad is light and refreshing - and I hope those of you browsing thru the Show & Tell sites will try this, and enjoy it! :)

Have a BLESSED day!!!!!!


J-ME said...

It sure looks yummy, Lori!

MammyT said...

Hey, there you are. Gonna stay home for a while? This looks so good. And right now I'm very hungry. I love the copy cat recipes. They usually turn out very well. Did you find my "wee clownie" yet? So glad you found time for s&T today.

jennifer said...

MMMMM That looks so yummy! Glad that you are back home. Have a great weekend.


Kimmie said...

Welcome Home Lori!
Thank You for stopping by my blog. I love to see your sweet face there. You are so very welcome for the Awards, you are one of the nicest women I have ever met. :-)

What a wonderful recipe! I copied it if you don't mind. I am going to try this. I love oriental salads, and this sounds yummy! Have you tried the one at Friendly's? I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty their Oriental Salad was. A bit pricey, but worth it. I haven't had Applebee's yet, so this is going to a surprise to me. :-)

Getting in the shower in a few minutes, then off to Church for 9:00 Mass. After that Greg and I are going for a ride out in the country Antiqueing. There is also an Auction today. After that, we are going to a place where they make ice cream and let you watch through glass windows. They also have a big old fashioned ice cream parlor we will have our sundae's in. :-) It will be a fun day!