Thursday, April 3, 2008

I just HAVE to brag a bit!

We got a great review from a local newspaper, The Lebanon Democrat, last week - but here's one I didn't even know was going to happen! Trudy LOVED our show. :D So, that's TWO people who reviewed it for others. I'm SO thrilled! Go HERE to check this review out!


MammyT said...

Lori, Congratulations to you and Kenn, the review is just dynamite. We all know Wilder's "Our Town" has all the attributes ascribed to it in the article, but only if it is handled with care and passionately portrayed. It sounds like you guys really did it!
Love, Nancy

jennifer said...

YEA!! I'm glad that your show has gone well. I admire that you are able ot get up in front of people and act. The last time I was on a stage it was HARD. And I was dancing not speaking. I KNOW I couldn't speak in front of a group of people.

Have a great weekend.


sparrow's song said...

WoW! I am so proud of you. And proud of them. *standing ovation* WEll done indeed!


Kelli said...

Congrats on that great review, sis. =) I know you and Kenn put your hearts, souls, and tears into your shows; I'm glad it's paid off for you! Now, please take some time to relax, will you?!!!

Kimmie said...

Bravo!!!! Kimmie is standing and clapping!!! :-) What a wonderful review. Worth all the hard work that went into putting it all together. Bless Your Heart.