Thursday, June 5, 2008

100th Post!

Can you BELIEVE it?!?!??! This is my 100th post on this blog - time for a giveaway. :D All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and tell me two things: Why you visit my blog, and a praise for something God's going or giving you in your life right this moment. :) It's pretty easy! And I'll leave it open for ONE WEEK, and pull the winner on MY BIRTHDAY. :D

I also HIGHLY encourage you to go to this uTube video - thanks SO much for sharing, Karna!!! Get a kleenex!

God BLESS you, dear friend. I can't wait to read your comments!!!!


Ginny said...

Hey, Lori -

Why I read your blog: You're my friend, and you make me smile!

A praise: Right now, I'm thankful that God enabled us to put in central air at a good price when we bought our house (it's terribly hot and humid!) A bigger praise is that Phil's blood counts have held steady since he began chemo, something we did not intend to have happen. This is huge!! We certainly do not need to have to make extra trips to the hospital for blood products or have to worry endlessly about an inability to fight germs. We thank God every time we get the printout of Phil's labs.

rhonda said...

Hi there!
Why I read your blog: first we've been friend for a long time, and two because I like to get your insights on things and the encouragement doesn't stop!!

A praise.......hhhmmmmm where do I begin? There are so many that it is hard to choose one. God is so good to my family right now. My kids all made the A-B honor roll for the first time in their life! That is a huge praise! We have the whole summer to enjoy each other and have fun. God has opened up the possiblilty for me to teach some youth in our area. I have prayed for some time that I would be able to get into a position to teach my favorite thing....God's word!

Okay I think you get the idea that God is really working in my life and I am full of praise for him!!


Clair said...

I just happened upon your blog.
I am thankful for my family.

sparrow's song said...

I visit your blog because you accept me for who I am without requiring me to change or be what you want me to be. You make me feel welcome and loved.

God is opening my understanding that when I share God with others, I don't need to get them to agree with me. I just need to encourage them to agree with God. God says, 'Come let us reason together though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.' We all must align ourselves with God on His terms.

Great youtube.
Favorite: Was addicted to Meth.
Now addicted to HIM.

I cried through viewing the video. It was wonderful!!! Thank you.

Kimmie said...

Hi Lori,
I come to your blog for many reasons, but the biggest one that stands out was the day I was in such despair and you came to my blog, a stranger to me at the time, and offered me your hand to hold. I will never forget that, it touched my heart beyond words.

I am thankful for the presence of Our Lord in my life. He has been my strength these past three years. Through a major surgery, liver failure, the onset of RA, the passing of my Mother and now the passing of my Father. He has been there during each of these times, and all the moments inbetween. He holds me close to his heart when I am unable to bare the pain, and he cries tears of Joy with me when I move forward in a postive way, physically or emotionally. He never leaves me through the good and the bad, and that is the biggest thing I am thankful for. :-)


Kimmie said...


Congratulations on your 100th Post!! :-)


J-ME said...

Why I visit - I like to know what is happening with you, and I enjoy when you share about what you are learning from God.

What God is doing - He got me through the past and last 2 weeks of teachihng 1st graders while I have been ill. Hooray, schoolis over as of noon today.

Happy birthday to you!

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Oh dang! I missed the candy. Thats ok...I will STILL post why I visit your blog...

1. Because you are the most kind and generous person I have ever met. You are sincere in your words, but also know the true meaning of hard love and arent afraid to set someone straight if they are wrong. Though, like the late Tim Russert, you do it compassionately, fairly and calmly. You are the epitamy of a Christian. And this blog just lets it seep out of you.

2. Your ideas are amazing and I love your insite to daily lives and your sincere concern in your reader's lives.

And God is AWESOME!!! I have 2 beautiful girls...that are SAFE in Florida with their grandparents. And a wonderful husband who couldnt think of any better way to spend his day off than alone with me.