Friday, June 6, 2008

Update on Mom

This is the email my dad sent out to explain everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everybody who prayed, visited, called wrote and prayed!

We have a diagnosis:
--pneumonia in the left lung
--This caused inflammation of the pericardial sack where the lung rubbed on the sack, causing the intense pain.
--kidney infection
--The antibiotic they gave last night after the pick line was inserted will be repeated tonight. They believe that will be effective in knocking out the infection.

--They have continued the morphine every 6 hours. This morning's dose did not take the pain away totally, so they added another medication (some level of an ibuprophen) which helped.

--Becky's doctor indicated he expects to release her to come home tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what prescriptions he gives her for the trip home.

Did I remember to thank everybody for praying?

Thanks again!


Mam and Lizi said...

So glad to hear it is something easily fixed. I missed the whole thing.
Love, Nancy

karna7777k said...

Wow I missed reading your comments yesterday so I didn't pray...but so glad your mom had the help she needed and will be coming home. She must have been in so much pain!!!!

I will now pray for her continued recovery and so happy you and your dad and kenn are there to help out


jennifer said...

In the name of Jesus, I pray for her healing.

Be blessed.


Kimmie said...

Thank the Lord for modern medicine and for his watchful eye over your Momma. Such good news! :-)