Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it already Tuesday????

I can't believe it's almost been a WEEK since my birthday already. Wow, time flies.

I'm not feeling too hot today, so the catching-up is going to come slowly, I'm afraid! But I really want to plug Kenn's blog again; he's really writing some GREAT stuff. I will tell you I don't always agree with him, but if you're not afraid to take out your beliefs and look at them, you'll really enjoy what he's publishing!

I also want to plug this particular post, where he toasts me for my birthday. :D He's very sweet, and I want you to know I'm making him chocolate chip cookies today. :D

OK, so back to posting about my birthday!

Kenn had to work in the morning, so Amy and I made plans - we were going to go to Opry Mills with her son, George, and maybe see a movie, and go to the Disney Store. I got an email Wednesday that said, "Change of plans. Grandma called, with no prompting from me, and wanted George to spend the night. It's just us. Pedicure's on me!" :D

I got up and made low-carb, whole wheat toast with some of the sugar-free jam from the day before and freshly-brewed mint iced tea for breakfast. See? :D

Dad and Mom were in the garden, and Dad planted his Father's Day gift from us. I took pictures, but I'm going to post about Father's Day later on. :D Kenn had left a note on my desk on a folded piece of copy paper, and I just thought it was a nice note wishing me a happy birthday - and showing me he didn't steal my favorite pen when he used it. :D I was cleaning up my desk, and picked up the note to move it - and it felt heavier than a piece of copy paper should. I opened it up, and there was a bunch of money for me to have fun with!!!!!! Oh, WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I had a HUGE grin on my face for about 10 minutes; we don't have a lot of money, so some to PLAY with is a huge blessing!!!

Amy got here just after 9:30, and we sat down, along with Mom, to figure out some Avon things. (Amy got a new tackle box to organize her samples in, and she was quite happy to be able to find everything she wanted quickly! :D I just love her....) Mom gave her her order, and - oh, did I mention that Amy brought me presents? :D She brought me a Rte. 44 Diet Coke from Sonic - one of our shared vices ;) - and a gift from her, and one from Angela. So, I opened presents after we took care of the Avon. Amy gave me a set of FAR AWAY purse-sized perfume, body wash, and lotion, and a marker like one of hers I had admired. :D The gift from Angela was a Pooh shirt and a scrapbook.

Then, we took off! We went to Providence, and went to Natural Nails, Too; they're a family-run business, and were very busy. They asked us to come back in a half-hour, so we said yes and went shopping. :D Amy needed a new "undergarment", so we went to Belk's - I'd never been there before. Well, I actually found two things that fit me - I'm not a size most stores carry!!! - that I loved. I picked up a really pretty skirt, and a fuchsia shirt that had polka dots "embossed" on it. More about when I wore those in later posts! :D Great bargains, and I was so grateful to Kenn for giving me money to spend!!!!

We headed back to the salon, and still had to wait a few minutes. I had a book in my purse, and Amy ran out to get hers out of the car. We had LONG foot soaks while they finished up other people, then got our feet done. I got a red color that has a gold pearlish sheen to it. Amy got French. Don't we look GOOD? :D They did a really nice job, and were very nice to us - wished me a happy birthday several times. :)

After that, we were STARVING, so we headed across the street to Panera for lunch. The last time we were together - that Tuesday! :D - we'd eaten at Panera, and I had a hankerin' for the same panini I'd had. So, we ate and talked and laughed - and Kenn called me to tell me he was on the way home.

Well, after that, we headed to the Hermitage area to do some errands we needed to do. Unfortunately, the red onion that had been on my sandwich didn't agree with me too much, so after going to the post office, Office Max, and the Dollar Tree, I told Amy I wanted to head home.

When we got home, Amy was able to use her tackle box again when Kenn told her he was looking for some new cologne. :D She stayed a few more minutes, then took off.

If you read my blog on my birthday, and read the comments, you know that Kenn told me he made reservations at McDonalds for us for dinner. :D Well, *I* knew - and most of you did, too - that he was just trying to not tell me where we were headed. Mom didn't quite get it - she told me the next day when she asked how dinner was, "Well, you BOTH said you were going to McDonald's. Why should I think any different? But I DID think you were gon an awfully long time for dinner there...." :D

I rested for a while, then put on my new skirt - it's a black underpiece with a chiffon-type overlay with pink and white flowers on it. It's got a very pretty flounce around the bottom, and it makes me feel very girly. :D So, I wore it, some heels, and one of my favorite black blouses. We headed off about 6ish.

We headed downtown, and stopped at the Union Station hotel; an acquaintance from the Opryland Hotel is one of the chefs at their new restaurant, but Kenn had already found out he wasn't working. Still, it was a pretty nice place. It's called PRIME 108, and doesn't have their website up yet. It's pricey, I'm warning you, but the service was EXCELLENT, and the decor was very nice. We had a nice dinner; I had a cowboy ribeye, and Kenn had some Ahi tuna. We relaxed and took our time, and got home about 9. Then, we took this picture. :D
Upstairs to relax and unwind, and that was my birthday. Amy is the absolute BEST; we're so different, but we have SO much fun together. I can trust her to tell me the truth, and to let me know what she thinks. I am SO very blessed by her!!
And KENN! Well, that tribute on his blog, the spending money, the care and thought he put into where to take me for my birthday dinner - God's truly blessed me with him, too.
Speaking of whom, I'd better go work on his cookies before he gets home. :) Stay tuned for more birthday celebration details of Friday and Saturday, and Father's Day! :D
Count YOUR blessings today -I bet you'll end up being so grateful, you can't help but PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I still have that pesky blog candy to give away! :D


annelize said...

Hi Lori, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your birthday events and I'm glad you had a good day. Love the nail varnish! I discovered your blog a few months ago and it's something I count as a blessing. Thank you. Love, Annelize.

Mam said...

What a wonderful birthday you had. You are blessed. I must agree with you about what you said concerning Kenn's blog. I'm now a loyal reader and love to respond to his thoughts as well. Most of the time I find we are in agreement, even!
Have you been to my ATC blog lately? I have changed it and I'm pretty satisfied with it.

Ginny said...

What a wonderful birthday you had! I'm tired after reading about it. Glad you enjoyed your special day.

sparrow's song said...

Counting our blessings - You're so right about that. I wonder if the enemy doesn't try to stir up discontentment in us by pointing out ALL the things that aren't right or as we'd like them. But when we focus, as you suggested, to count our blessings and focus on whatsoever things are lovely, and true, honest, and of good report,...then we find there is so much to be thankful for.

polka dots - girl, I love these. But the little polka dots.

What a serious blessing to be able to shop and just get some nice things for ourselves. Kudos to Kenn for that surprise!

Kimmie said...

You both look so happy! I am happy you had a great time!

Kimmie said...

Oh, I had my toes done last week, and the are painted bubble gum pink with little white polka dots on them! LOL! I am going to be posting a picture of them and my "To Long" acrylic nails! ;-) I have made so many typos all over blogland.