Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Phooey, hate playing catch-up!!!

I still have to blog about my birthday weekend! AUGH! :D Well, just one more day of celebrating to get through, and then it's on to Father's Day.

Mom & I got up early on Saturday (this would be the 14th, now!:D) and went out garage-saling again. I didn't get sick this time! :D We had a good time - and I wore shorts, so I wouldn't irritate my poor knees. Only got one comment, but it was sympathetic, so I was OK. LOL!

We spent most of the afternoon getting ready for the party. Kenn was working ALL DAY LONG - we're talking 16+ hours! - with a friend, doing a trade-out in Chattanooga. So, it was just Dad, Mom, and me. We cut, and stirred, and chopped, and schemed.... Here's Dad working hard!

And on we went. :)

Amy got here first, of course, just as we were putting out the finishing touches on the spread. :D My strawberries were a big hit, but everything was yummy!!!

There were about 10 people here, and we ate, and laughed, and ate some more. I got some nice presents, and really enjoyed having some friends with me. :) Some arrived a little later than others, but we still have a great time! :) The shirt I wore got clear sequins EVERYWHERE - we're still finding them. :D

I got done cleaning up about 11, and Kenn got home about 12. And that was last Saturday! :D And I KNOW it's not as detailed as it would have been, but it's DONE. ROFL!!! Thanks, dear friends who were here! I had a wonderful time - and I hope you did, too!!!!!

Tomorrow will be Father's Day, and announcing who won my blog candy! Stay tuned! :D


Mam said...

Maybe next time! Looks and sounds like lots of good times.

J-ME said...

That food looks sooooo good! How did you do the strawberries? Is it just whipped cream on top, or do you remove part of the strawberry? I can understand why they were a big hit!!