Monday, June 23, 2008

It's MONDAY! :)

How are you? Have you had a good five days since I talked to you last? :) It's been SUPER-BUSY around here lately!!!!!! Wow, and I still need to talk about the Saturday after my birthday, and Father's Day, and what else I've been up to! Phew.
Well, it's going to have to wait - we shot a wedding out of town this weekend, and I actually RESTED last night, so I need to work on a class for tonight. :D When I get it done, I'll start catching up, I promise.
I LOVE OUR NEW CHURCH!!!! It is SO refreshing!! Kenn and I were talking on the way home yesterday about how things have worked out. You know, God moves sovereignly. Even in situations where things aren't done His way, He works. Like our old church situation. He gives us ways to get along with each other, to work out conflicts, etc - and I will be talking about some of that in the future :) - but in our case, it wasn't done His way.
How awesomely He's worked for us!!! We went to the Smyrna Assembly the first time, kind of as a way for Kenn to placate me. :D On a whim, let's say. But God has blessed us there immensely! And it's only been three weeks. Kenn's talked to the pastor; where they're not "on the same page", as one person asked me, they're FINE with not being there! As Kenn says, we're going to thrive there. It's going to be a little difficult to get to know people, since it's 45 minutes one way, but we're getting to "know" the people sitting around us, and the pastor came up yesterday and introduced himself to me.
The music is good, but it's the PEOPLE who truly touch me. Every person who's shared has had a humility, a transparency, and an obvious desire for God's presence. Every single person has shared from the Holy Word, and it's been like it's SUPPOSED to be - living, and active, and sharper than ANY 2-edged sword. Truth and purity can pierce, my friend, and I haven't felt that spoken into my own heart in a long time - longer than I realized.
Please pray for my friend, Lisa; she's due any MOMENT, and her mother-in-law died this weekend. They're in North Carolina for the funeral. Please pray for travelling mercies, birth mercies, and that she'll feel God's presence as she helps her husband deal with everything.
I'll be back when I get a chance - I have SO much to share with you! LOL!!!!!
God is good, ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelli said...

Hey, Lo! I'm glad you're been filled!
Hey, when I try to go to Kenn's website, the link has www COMMA instead of period. just fyi!! ((hugs)) love ya!

Mam said...

Oh, Lori, the church sounds good. I hope it works out. I have a lot of good feelings about the Assemblies of God. It's where I've been much of my Christian life, and I've been so blessed. It's been where I felt most at home.

Kimmie said...

Hi Lori!

I am so happy that you and Kenn found a place to worship that makes you feel content and comfortable. What a blessing. :-) I left you some comments down in your other posts, I am so sorry I didn't scroll down last week when I stopped in to see your "Creative Photography". I was so behind in posting, and streesed out. I hope you forgive me.