Wednesday, May 28, 2008

God of the Second Chances

Today's photo taken by Kenn!
Poor Hosea. Called to share God's grief and woe over his love being unfaithful. God's nation had turned her back on Him yet again - and Hosea's wife did the same. God's nation had fallen in with loving other gods - Hosea's wife "loved" other men. They both felt anger, grief, and shame for their loved ones.

But they BOTH were willing to give their loved ones a second chance. A chance to return, and love and be loved as purely, as passionately, as boundlessly as the first time they were loved.

Two things jumped out at me from this verse selection today. First, how GREAT our God is, to continue to love us and want us to be His, even when we chase after all the carnal pleasures we think we want. It's absolutely amazing to me!

Second, how desperately WE need to be able to love this way. We're so afraid of being rejected, of not getting what WE need out of a relationship, of LOTS of things. God's put this example out there for us: second chances are NOT just FOR us, but are to be FROM us. Not the kind where we hold back, just because we've been hurt. The kind where we love as God loves us - and BECAUSE He loves us the way He does, we're able to love each other. Just the way it was when we first loved!
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sparrow's song said...

First, let me applaud Kenn on the photo. Well done!

God's put this example out there for us: second chances are NOT just FOR us, but are to be FROM us.

Excellent point. He is the God of second chances...and third, and fourth...

Makes me think of the prodigal son who when his father saw him coming, he ran to meet his son. Does God run to meet us? I believe that to be true.

Kimmie said...

Hi Lori,
I just wanted to stop by and say I will be back later on to read and catch up on your blog. I have missed alot!