Monday, May 19, 2008


And it's time to share about what you learned in Sunday school, church, or watching/listening to your program yesterday!
Yesterday was Graduation Sunday at our church; we had three high school graduates, and three college - I THINK. :) There were some sweet photos of some of the grads when they were little. Oh, the memories. I'm feeling a bit OLD today!!! :)
Our youth minister preached, and it was a good sermon! He talked about operating from the platform God has us on - using as his reference Nehemiah 8:4-6. He also tied it in to the sermon his preacher preached two weeks ago - giving what little you have to God, and allowing Him to use it. It was an encouraging, exhorting sermon - and Jerry should preach more often!!! :)
We arrived at Sunday School late; I'm fighting a sinus infection, and Kenn's allergies are really acting up, too. But we got there, and the lesson was on Life Changes - specifically, Jacob's relocation to Egypt where Joseph was.
I can't wait to hear from you! What did you learn yesterday? What is God saying to you TODAY????

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sparrow's song said...

I'm learning to lean more on Jesus and allow Him to be my strength. That takes a conscious effort at times because like Peter I will sink in the storms of life if I take my eyes of Christ.

Sorry to hear your suffering with a sinus infection and Kenn with allergies.