Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL day!!!


Wow. What a GLORIOUS day it is here! The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and God is on His throne. I am SO blessed!

Yesterday was my friend, Angela,'s birthday. Last year I kind of started something - if you've followed my stampin' blog, you saw the results! :D - of getting to choose whatever we wanted to do for our birthdays, and Angela chose a mani/pedi party at a local salon with some dear friends who do that as a service.

Well, let me tell YOU! What a party we had. There's one person missing - Jennifer - who had to leave early and go to church. But the ones in the pink aprons, April and Melissa, are the ones who do the whole shebang. Then, to finish the top row, is Ang and Lori P. - whose birthday is the 13th of this month. Amy's kind of the middle row, and that's me and Cris P. on the bottom. SPA pedicures, followed by maincures - and all accompianied with petit-fors, brownies, muffins, and CHOCOLATE, coffee, and punch. Whew!!! The girls did SUCH a wonderful job! My toes and fingers all match! :D

After that, the five of us who HADN'T been working :D left for dinner, and I drove. One of Ang & Cris P.'s college friends, Ron, was working at Carraba's - so off we went. He treated us all like QUEENS!!! We had a great appetizer - thanks, Cris! - and a leisurely meal - and THEN Ron brought out a dessert for us to share, compliments of him. There were three different desserts on this one plate!! :D And the plate itself was covered with choclate and caramel. Do you think we enjoyed it? :D LOL!!!! And MY birthday is next. Decisions, decisions!!!!

OK. So, it's MONDAY. We're supposed to be sharing what we learned yesterday. It was a wonderful day at our church; it was Seniors Day, and they were honored in different ways - like getting to sing some of the OLD hymns, including one *I* had never heard before, but really like now, "Little Is Much, When God Is In It". We had a guest pastor whose sermon was titled that, and our music minister taught us the song. WOW, was it appropriate!!! The gist of it was: if GOD is in whatever you're doing, NOTHING is too small. One of his examples was the little boy who had brought his lunch when he came to hear Jesus speak. Five little barley loaves, and two little fish. A boy's lunch, nothing big definitely. But when Jesus blessed it and distributed it, it fed over 10,000 people, and there were LEFTOVERS!!!!!

I think I'd grown ambivilant about some of the stories. Yeah, it happened. But hearing it applied in this way - WOW. I never thought of it THAT way. It sure puts a lot of things into a different light. Each year, about this time - about a month before my birthday :D - I usually start feeling like my life isn't going anywhere, that I'm stuck in a rut. But you know what? I may not be doing GRAND things, but that doesn't mean my God can't MAKE them grand. All He wants is for me to give even the little things to Him to use and bless!

Sunday school was about Joseph again, this time about what his story has to say about relationships with others. I maintain again and again - and feel this is a GREAT example of what I say! :D - that you cannot change or prevent most things that happen TO you. The chance for SIN to enter is when YOU CHOOSE HOW TO RESPOND. Joseph could have been vengeful - he had over 20 years to think about what his brothers did to him - and he had a lot of opportunities, while he walked the plan out about bringing Benjamin to him, when he could have said, "Too hard. I want to PUNISH you for everything that's happened to me!" But he didn't. He's a very interesting character study, ladies!

OK. I've REALLY written a book today. :D I hope you had a great weekend, and your week is starting off beautifully. Go enjoy this moment that God has given you - and PRAISE Him for it!!!!


sparrow's song said...

Being with the ladies sounds like a boat load of fun.

I love the story of Joseph. The part of where he breaks down when revealing himself is the part that tears at me. He still loved them after all those years and after what they had done. It's just really beautiful to me.

you shared,
I maintain again and again - and feel this is a GREAT example of what I say! that you cannot change or prevent most things that happen TO you. The chance for SIN to enter is when YOU CHOOSE HOW TO RESPOND.

I agree. Responding is done through the spirit but reaction is done in the flesh. Which one will we walk in?

Trials often reveal to us what is and isn't in our hearts. I often find areas I may need to work on.

Anonymous said...

Oh I had loads of fun, Lori. I really think tatoos is the way to celebrate your bday. LOL!

Lori Pierce

Becky in East Tennessee said...

WOW! What a great post!

Our sermon was about change. Accepting it and going with it. God does amazing things if we allow Him to. Many people wont give in to change. Therefore many people miss out on what He has for us.