Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Good morning, dear friends! How are you today? It's rainy here today, kind of gloomy - the BEST kind of day for snuggling down into your bed and sleeping all day. :D Is that what I'm doing?

NO!!!! :) I've already taught one class today, and have another this evening - so I'm having to be alert and oriented. ;D

Please go read this post from Lysa:

Now, come back and tell me: are you as CONVICTED by her post as I am? It's SO hard for me, in my relationship with Kenn, NOT to keep a record of wrongs. There are days when it all piles up, and I just want to scream ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then something comes along, like Lysa's post, and I am so convicted I can't sleep. Do you struggle with this in your relationship, too? Has anyone found an EASY way, or even a way that works for YOU, to forget those wrongs????? It's not even BIG ones that I have trouble with. It's all the LITTLE ones. LOL! As women, I really think this is something that is difficult for us. So, I'm asking you to pray for me. Talk to me; am I the only one who's struggling with keeping no record of wrongs?


jennifer said...

I'll go over after I leave here and read her post but I can get the drift of what she posted about from your description.

I brought up something to my hubby that happened 16 years ago TODAY to him. He looked at me odd and said that didn't sound like something he would say. I said "YOU DID!!!"

So I guess I need to go read it now!


Kimmie said...

Lori, I take your hand in prayer. I feel the same way alot. I want to scream the exact words. I get tired, frustrated, just plain "out of the box". I am a is my nature to give, to love, to cherish. But, then all the "stuff" piles up when you feel unappreciated...invisible. What is with that? I have asked myself so many times, "why am I still here?"

So my sister in faith, let us ask God to come to our lives, hold us up, and give us the strength to hold on, to keep our vows and get over the bumps, hills, mountains...whatever they may be. Warm Hugs to You.

sparrow's song said...

Yep, I struggle too. (that was a beautiful post link btw) As wives, we often feel cheated. We had this romantic idea of what it would be like. And when they drop the other shoe, we realize it's not. I've already begun to caution my daughter(18) not to expect what she herself doesn't offer as well.

I think as flawed humans we focus on the negative a good deal of the time. And I've done some blaming of what isn't as I expected. But I've come to the conclusion that in this moment, this is all I have. We are all I have and this is the hand I'm dealt in this season. My words can make or break our relationship. So if I choose blame instead of love, I'll have no one to blame but myself for the lack of love because that's what those sour seeds will sprout. We must transform our thinking by aligning with God's thinking and how He would love because His thoughts and ways are higher.

Thinking of you affectionately.

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