Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Thursday...

and I don't have much to report - but I want to say hello, anyway. :) Things continue to perk away here; Stampin' Up! is rolling right along - some days REALLY exciting, others, well.... :D I need to pray that God will help me be content wherever I am in business, as well as personal life!!!!!

I realized I didn't post too many photos from when we were in Paducah; I took a lot, but I now don't find too many of them exciting - except for the ones I took of Kenn, and I'm not sure how many of him YOU want to see! :D But THIS photo IS NOT KENN. ROFL!!!!

Some of you may know that there's an elk & buffalo preserve in the Land Between the Lakes area in Kentucky; we drove through, and saw many buffalo - no elk, though....

Anyway. It's a face only a mother could love, and I saw enough of them while we were there to last me a while. LOL!! There WERE a few calves, but they were lying in the grass - it was VERY hot the day we were there. So, no CUTE ones to show you.... :D

Well, I'm procrastinating; I need to be working, cleaning my stampin' area for my party tonight, and doing other non-fun things. :D

One more thing: I'm thinking of starting something like Kelli's Show & Tell (see previous posts!), but doing it on another day, and more about what you CHERISH - people, animals, things, whatever you have that you want to share. If you have a suggestion for a name, please leave it in a comment - and, if I pick your name for my sharing day, I'll send you a prize!!! :D

OK, I'm off to find something else to procrastinate with.... :D Have a wonderful, BLESSED day!!!!!!!!

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sparrow's song said...

As you know, finding that place of contentment is important for our peace of mind. Now if I could just be consistent in that.

I'm digging your photo. Lately I've been into the Africam and have seen herds of the African Buffalo.

I say go for it if you want to have a spin-off on show and tell of your own. It's a free cyberland. Why not jump off the song lyrics, "Cherish is a word I use to describe..." under the title of Cherishments.