Monday, March 10, 2008


Hi, everyone! I'm so sorry I've been MIA for so long; last week was difficult, with the family here AND things going on in real life. I am here now, so let's share! :)

Sunday shcool yesterday was about being faithful through hardships, using Jacob as an example. We talked about lessons you learn, etc., when walking through hardships.

Church was AWESOME! We had a Messianic Jewish pastor speak about Passover - his church is in Israel, or I know we'd be attending there! :D It was truly insightful, and he was passionate about Christ. We're getting the CD to listen to, because there was so MUCH meat to chew on we didn't get each piece in the first listening! :) His passage was Luke 12:12-19. If you'd like to read the passage, here's a link. :)

First of all, he said that the label for that passage is incorrect, because some of it has been mistranslated. He talked a bit about the festivals in Leviticus, and about how Passover shows the need for death for redemption. He was VERY scornful of celebrating Easter, because it IS a fertility celebration to Ishtar, the goddess of fertility. It's interesting history of the church - read up on it sometime. (I already knew this. :D) I've always felt that way, too, but part of the thing I see in most contemporary churches is a lack of history of both the church itself and the Jewish heritage.

He also spoke about true worship, and why we are supposed to worship. He did some research: the top 10 churches in America aren't teaching about GOD, they're teaching what God can do for YOU, how to feel better about yourself, and be blessed. TRUE WORSHIP is about worshipping HIM because He's worthy. Not because we're grateful - which is also important - but because HE is worthy of ALL praise, honor, and glory. Period! How long has it been since you worshipped, in spirit and in truth? Sometimes worship is an act of obedience - but out of that act can come TRUE repentance, joy, and a true understanding of our UNworthiness - and even more gratitude for His grace and mercy!

ANYWAY. :D I'm going to have to wait until we get the CD to tell you the direct translation of some of the words - what a benefit to KNOW the languages of the Bible!!!! - but that the cries of the people in verse 12 were greeting Jesus as the person who would throw out the Romans. Here's what REALLY struck me: the rabbi said that if you ask ANY rabbi how many Messiahs there are, they will tell you TWO: the humble servant Messiah, and the triumphant, victorious Messiah - and that they believe that, with prayer and petition from His chosen nation, Israel, God will choose to SKIP sending the servant Messiah!!!!! WOW, talk about walking in blindness. How He must grieve!!!

Jesus's response to their not understanding who He is was to quote back the verse in Zech. 9:9, with ONE twist - and you'd never notice, if you didn't really study BOTH passages!!! JESUS said, "FEAR NOT"! Zechariah says REJOICE GREATLY!!!! Jesus was acknowledging that He came to fulfill Scripture, but at the same time telling them that He was not who THEY wanted him to be, and was NOT coming to defeat the Romans. But they didn't understand it, didn't want to - and the disciples didn't, either.

I'll share more when I get the CD and listen to it again. It's REALLY insightful!!! Such good, basic MEAT of the Word!!!! I don't know about you, but SO OFTEN I wonder what the ORIGINAL word really meant, and what the author REALLY meant. :)

SO. What did YOU learn yesterday?? What is God revealing to YOU???? Share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! :D

Have a blessed day, dear one. You are SO precious to Him!!!!! Worship Him! :)


Ginny said...

In your post, you say the pastor preached from Luke, but the link is to John. Might want to fix that.

I don't celebrate easter, I celebrate Resurrection Day. Was he saying not to do commemorate the latter, or is his issue the bunnies and chocolate tradition?

karna said...

I also knew about pagan holidays for years - but God is above all pagan holidays - and I guess you'd have to give up Christmas cuz that really isn't the time Christ was born - at least the season of Easter time is when Christ resurrected. More people wanting us to not live in freedom and trying to contain the JOY of our expression in our worship of our Risen Messiah.

And I'll enjoy a chocolate rocky road See's candy egg too!

MammyT said...

Sometimes I think of looking into the Messianic Jewish faith. They probably didn't throw out the baby with the bathwater, you think? We are considering a change. (That is a great understatement.)Nancy

J-ME said...

Because of some of the reasons given, I choose to call the day "Resurrection Sunday" but Easter is attached to many church related things - like the "Easter Cantada" we are having tonight.
Lori, this sounds like a very inspiring, eye opening sermon. I am sure you are anxious for the cd. Thanks for sharing.