Saturday, March 15, 2008

I've been TAGGED!!

Charlotte tagged me today! :) She was nice enough to email me and let me know. :D Otherwise, I would have gone blindly along with my evening.... LOL!!

So, here are the rules: In the 8 facts about yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. So just know, if I've tagged you, I'm just trying to follow the rules. :D

So, here goes....

  1. My middle name is Lynn.
  2. My parents STILL call me "I SPY", because I have the ability to use inductive and deductive reasoning rather well - and can usually tell them what's been going on by the evidence on the scene. LOL!
  3. I was born a month premature, so I can get overloaded by loud sounds and bright lights very quickly.
  4. In kindergarten, I got in trouble for standing on a table and shouting, "The teacher said BE QUIET!!!!" :D
  5. Junior high and 3/4 of high school was pure torture for me, and I don't really have many GOOD memories of those years.
  6. My degree is in speech communications, from the University of TX, El Paso.
  7. I love to take bubble baths.
  8. My favorite time to go swimming is when it's dark and quiet outside - like after 11 pm. :)

So there! :D You know some more absolutely non-essential stuff about me. :D

My friends to be tagged: Nancy, Kelli, Jamie, Ginny, Jennifer, Constance, Marti, and Jo. PHEW! Lots of work! :D Have fun, friends - and be SURE to check out their wonderful blogs. They're all great, Godly women.

Happy Palm Sunday! :) Enjoy your weekend!!! BE BLESSED, dear sister!


jennifer said...

All Right! I'm in....I'll work on it and let you know when I'm up.

It was really good to hear from you and I'm gonna take a look around while I'm here. I haven't been venturing out as much as I should lately and hope that spring break frees me up to BLOG!


jennifer said...

By the way #4 made me laugh out loud and #5 made me say "Me too, sister!"

MammyT said...

Thanks, Lori. I've only done one of these before, so I think I'll go for it.

jennifer said...

It's me again Margarite! Wanted to tell you it is up! The post is long so bring a beverage and a snack cause you'll be there a while!


Simply Heart And Home said...

I was tagged by Charlotte as well. It is fun to get to know everyone. You are rather brave to swim at night! (I think I have watched too many Creature from the Black Lagoon movies!) lol



Martie said...

Thanks for tagging me - I will try to get mine posted sometime this week - as my weekend is full up with no time left for extras.

Hope you have a great week.


sparrow's song said...

Wonderful list of now knowables about you. Calgon, take me away!