Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Wednesday morning!

Can it already be Wednesday??!?!?!? Not that I'm complaining - I'll be glad to get the show open TOMORROW NIGHT! :) But my goodness. Life is just JAM-PACKED with things to do, isn't it?

And EASTER. Can you believe Resurrection Sunday is THIS WEEK? I've read an article that says this is the earliest Easter we'll ever encounter in our lifetimes. Interesting!

Do you have special plans? I haven't been able to do much yet, but Mom & Dad are providing steaks and scallops for our main meal - which will be WONDERFUL; with the show and work schedule, Kenn & I haven't had any real meals in I don't know HOW long! We aren't having a show Sunday, so it will actually get to be a day of rest. I can't wait!

Here's a picture to wrap up with today. Did you count your blessings yesterday? Especially the little ones? God is so amazing, so awesome.

Lift up your voice! Praise GOD for those blessings! Make today a day of GRATITUDE!


MammyT said...

Lori. There is something for you on today's post at my site. And, hey...Break a leg!

sparrow's song said...

My husband was shocked that Easter was so soon because he was thinking it was in April. Wasn't it just Christmas?

Please take care of yourself as you'll be giving so much during the many performances to come.

Thank you for prayers for my father.

J-ME said...

Lori, the verse "the grass withereth..." is one of my favorites. I hope all is going well with your production. Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday.