Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's ALMOST Monday.... :)

Two of my very best friends are coming over to stamp and have fun tomorrow, so I wanted to get my blogging in so you could share, too. :)
Today's Sunday school lesson was about interceeding in prayer for each other - and the difference between interceeding and being called to be an intercessor. It was quite an interesting discussion, I thought - I'm glad God hasn't called me to be an intercessor, to be honest with you. The called intercessor has the heart of God for a specific person/entity - the pain and grief one can feel overwhelms me at the thought of it!
Church was about friendship - and, of course, most of the examples the pastor used were about Jonathan and David. What a friendship they had! To be a friend, one must show: loyalty, love, accountability, and I THINK it was forgiveness. (Lori, can you correct me if I'm wrong, please? My bulletin is in the car, and it's late. LOL!!!) I feel that I'm a pretty good friend, and am blessed to have some REALLY good friends, too. I need to be more of a friend to my husband. Sometimes, it's hard! That forgiveness one is the hardest one in our relationship sometimes.
We're also memorizing Scripture in Sunday school; I'm proud to say that I memorized all of Psalm 1. :D It's a good Psalm.
I can't wait to hear what you learned, what's on your mind. :) It's easy to share - just leave a comment! :D Have a WONDERFUL, blessed day!!!!!! YOU ARE LOVED!!!


MyJourneyBack said...

Hi. What an awesome way to start the week. I love the idea of what we learned on Sun. will get us all thinking. Thanks. I'll be posting your fondue photo today for the V.Day party. It is even prettier with food! Yummy. Come by the party this week! Blessings,Sherry

MammyT said...

Our service was totally taken over by the Holy Spirit as we worshipped and, starting with an unsaved man running up to the altar to kneel and pray, things just went spiritually ballistic from there. Many in our body were led to pray for others and small groups of people began to gather and pray. Some of us continued to play music, wave flags or dance. It was awesome and I think everyone in the house was touched and changed in some way. To God be the glory.