Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today is TUESDAY!

OK. It's Tuesday. I've been dreading this day all weekend. I am SO totally unmotivated right now. I have no desire to do A THING. I'm behind in my reading, my blogging, my LIFE.
I wish I could go on a vacation!
SO. How are YOU doing on your goals??? Obviously, I'm not going to judge you in any way! LOL!!!!!! Please share; is ANYONE else in my boat this week?????


karna said...

You are not alone! lol I have been a slacker as well. At least you get out and do things that are fun all the time! I did join a bible study on line that is going to address self-discipline, organization from the inside out - can't wait...well i already found out 3 of the 6 women write lists on the back of used envelopes .. we are never alone!

I am sitting here - leave in 3 hours for an overnight and can't seem to make myself shower, clean the kitchen and straighten up (not even clean) the bedroom......


Becky in East Tennessee said...

Hang in there dear friends. Does not acknowledging where one is in their goals suffice to say I am not doing so hot either?

I am still trying to recover from the dang sinus infection, the weekend out of town and all the other stuff that has been happening.

Consequently, my house is a wreck, my diet...well its slowly back on, but its a struggle as I jumped WAAAY over board this weekend.

But even though we are all feeling frumpy! God is using us! Lori you are still an inspiration to others to prove that you are only human too and surely arent the wonder woman so many of us think you are. And K--my grandma used to write on the bottom of Klenex boxes. So be proud that your envies can still be put in your pocket book!

GO...rest...relax...for tomorrow is a new day!


MammyT said...

What is this about? I thought I was just off because of being sick a few days, then my computer being sick. I'm still trying, but some of my earlier stated goals have not been started. And that's ok. If I can get them rolling one at a time, I think I have a better chance at success. You will notice that my checkin is happening on Wednesday. A day late.