Thursday, February 21, 2008

You NEED to go check out Lysa's post from yesterday.

I have Lysa's blog in the link list at the right of the screen, but you simply NEED to go check out her post from yesterday, here.

I have been talking about this to people all week, but Lysa put it SO WELL into words. Please, dear one, go read it. God will touch you. He loves you!

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karna said...

well i LOVED the muffin top one too, but the woman is amazing in her clarity and understanding of scripture.

I was blessed with the BEST dad ever, so it was easy for me to trust God with myself....

However, I had a weird mother who didn't like me (can you even imagine?) me either... anyway that was a helpful deovtional.

thanks for sending me over, i never did save her site.