Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wow! You liked it! :D

And you would REALLY have enjoyed our photo shoot today; Kenn and I wanted to get some last-minute Valentine's Day food pictures into the stock sites, so I made chocolate fondue. I had a couple of questions about what we'd be dipping, so here you go. :D
We dipped apples, bananas, strawberries, angel food cake, and vanilla wafer rolled cookies. You can't see them here; they're like I think the ones called pirelli? It was GOOD, but I didn't eat too much. :) Trying to keep those numbers in a healthy realm, and this evening we're going to a Super Bowl Party. :/ But I'm taking veggies and dip! :D AND diet soda. :D
Don't forget: tomorrow is Share What You Learned at Church/Sunday School, and Tuesday is Goal Reaching Accountability! :D Wednesday, if YOU would like to be introduced here, PLEASE let me know - all you have to do is send me a bio and a pic, and I can link to your website, too! (So can YOU; I put a Mr. Linky on the side of my blog over a week ago, and Becky's the only one who's taken advantage of it!!! :D)
OK, everyone, enjoy your evening. Be safe, enjoy the game if you're watching, and HAVE FUN. Be BLESSED beyond measure, and KNOW YOU ARE LOVED!!!

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