Monday, February 18, 2008

It's MONDAY! :)

Good morning, dear friend!! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy yourself? Did you do something fun, or mostly task-oriented?
What did you do to grow spiritually yesterday? We went to Sunday School, but I've been fighting "female problems" the last week, so Kenn decided we were going to come home after Sunday School - which was fine with me, since dishrags have trouble concentrating. :D
Sunday School was about asking God for guidance, and then following through on the guidance you receive. We talked about the ways that God shows you guidance; one of the best studies I've EVER done was by Priscilla Shirer, DISCERNING THE VOICE OF GOD. It's an incredible Bible study, and I encourage all women's ministries to do it!
In Sunday School, we're also memorizing Scripture together. It's been really fun - when I've not been sick, anyway. :D We memorized all of Psalm 1, then Proverbs 3:5-6, then Hebrews 11:1. This week is Hebrews 11:6.
So, it's your turn to share! :) What did you learn? Tell me anything you want me to know about your weekend, too - I care!!!! :)
Oh, I forgot! Since I didn't get in to remind you, I'll give you until the end of today to comment and win my blog giveaway - a mixture of handmade and photography greeting cards. :) Just leave a comment before MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME TONIGHT!
Off to work - I have a class tonight, and need to finish the samples. :D Have a wonderful, BLESSED day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


karna said...

Hope you are feeling better Lori. So glad I am old and don't have to deal with anything like that anymore--not for 15 years now YAY

did you mean we had to comment everyday to be in the 'give away'? Just in case...i'm posting LOL.

Unfortunately yesterday I never got dressed, had food delivered and was mostly depressed.


MammyT said...

One of our precious senior saints had a stroke on Saturday night and her prognosis was uncertain as we met for church Sunday. We spent a lot of time in prayer for her and spent another lot of time in music and worship. Quite a few people grabbed the colorful flags and walked around the sanctuary with them as we praised God. This was another time when we didn't get an actual message preached. Pastor talked to us abou the importance of prayer AND FASTING to break the power of the enemy. He said we were at that point where we needed prayer and fasting to tear down some strongholds in our lives as individuals and as a church. Instead of "calling a fast" he encouraged us to each find a way and a time to fast and pray. My husband and I were so happy to be involved in this kind of spiritual warfare. We want to see a move of God like never before.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry I missed church but we all needed to stay home to get better. I even memorized my Bible verse this wk.
Oh well see ya soon!

Lori Pierce

Becky in East Tennessee said...

My learning was on TAKING YOUR LIFE BACK TO FACTORY SETTINGS. When our computers get all fuzzled up...too many programs that have been altered or too many missing components, or maybe a virus or two...we take install the disk that takes us back the factory settings. The defaults that came with the system. So many of us as humans need to return our own lives back the factory settings too. Get rid of bad relationships, change how people treat us, broaden our spiritual life, lessen our work life...blah blah blah...the point is...return back to the original boot up disk which is the Bible. Return back to knowing that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST.


Lori, I am soooo sorry you have not been your normal self. I hope you are feeling much better asap!

J-ME said...

I wish I had something new to share. The past 2 weeks I have missed church due to illness. :-( Our pastor had been preaching about the church as the body of Christ and how we are to be reaching out to others in love - letting Christ be seen through us. Rather than "go to church" we are to "be the church".

sparrow's song said...


we're also memorizing Scripture

In moments when we're confronted by the counterfeit, the Holy Spirit will draw up in the bucket what you've put down in the well (the Heart). In memorizing scripture, He will draw on the Word you've hid in your heart, comparing Truth against the lie. Knowing God's Word verses the lie IS how we discern between the two. The more you know the Word, the more readily you will see the counterfeit.

Psalm 119:11(KJV)
Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

You go girl!!

sparrow's song said...

p.s. I hope you're feeling better.