Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Tuesday - and we have a WINNER!!!

It's GOAL DAY here on Wannabe!! :) That means we ALL check in with how we're doing on our goals - and if someone doesn't check in, I pull out my folder to check up on you. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!! Accountability works, darn it. :D

But before I do that, we had a giveaway on this blog last week; all anyone had to do was leave a comment. Kenn drew a random number, and the winner is....

Congratulations, Kelli! i've already been to Kelli's blog, to ask for her address. :) She has 5 photo cards and 15 handcrafted cards coming to her, as a thank-you for commenting, and reading. But THANK YOU to all of you - you're the reason I'm here! I LOVE YOU!
SO. On to today's business!!!!
My goals: office hours still aren't happening, and I'm becoming a little more OK with that. Our schedule, because of the nature of our businesses, doesn't loan itself to that. So, I do the best I can - and that will be sufficient, because God is. :D
Activity-wise, I'm still not being able to hit water aerobics like I want to - this play thing is starting to hit high gear, so I'm even busier with things! - but I am increasing my daily activities like walking, stair-climbing, etc. According to the experts, every little bit helps! :)
Bible-reading, I've at least started again! I'm still off my schedule, but I am going to catch up eventually. The important thing is that I haven't totally abandoned it - thanks, Damien. :)
SO, ladies! How are YOU doing? Nancy? What's this week's project to work on? Becky, how are things going at your house? I know a lot of your goals and priorities have changed since the beginning of the year.... Rhonda, how is your budget going? I'm VERY proud of you! :) Sheri? Deby? Are you still checking in? Judy? You here? Karen, dear one? I know the emotions have been tough lately. Are you OK?
OK, dear ones. I have a question for you: would it hurt terribly if we changed goal-setting day until another day of the week? Since no one seems to want to be introduced anymore ;), we have Wed., Thurs., and Saturday we could move it to - and that way, I could share pictures from the weekend before I forgot about them. ROFL!!!!
Have a wonderful, blessed, beautiful day. You know, I don't think it's up to me to be blessed, myself; it's up to me to be a BLESSING!!!!!!!!! Bless someone today, dear sister, and be amazed at how God turns it into a blessing for you!


Becky in East Tennessee said...

I think ANY day is a perfect day for GOAL day. If I learned anything it is to be FLEXABLE but consistant with all you do.

Like your reading...just the fact that you are still truckin means a lot. It says through preserverence you WILL succeed.

I am OK. My biggest goal now is just to KEEP ON TRUCKING. I dont stick to my set schedules real well, but I am certainly trying. And for me, that is good enough.

karna said...

goal day can be any day! Like becky said, flexibility is where it's at.

I haven't done any of my goals..like I said i'm in a rut. Tomorrow, however, i am starting a study on being Mary in a Martha world...heh...so I will be in the word, i will be actively working on martha type things -- just the discipline i need. Going to be in a study with every Wed am. Looking forward to it.


sparrow's song said...

You're right. Accountability and following through on that is love. It helps keep us all in gear to get those important things done we might otherwise slack on. I tip my hat to you for your faithfulness in helping others keep focused.

hugs2u Pooh!

MammyT said...

Any day will do for goals check in. It actually might be better for me on Wednesday or Thursday.
I have been eating well and DRINKING MY WATER. ALL OF IT. Never mind that I'm up six times a night to off-load it. I'm eating at least five sometimes six meals a day, lots of boiled egg white and grapefruit. Plenty of protein, and drinking at least one cup of green tea each day, usually 2 cups. These are some of the things that I know will work for me. We had shrimp, scallops and halibut with a big salad for supper. My son had sent the seafood from Alaska. MMMMMMMmmmmm.

jennifer said...

Tell me more about accountability Tuesday. This is new in Blogland and I want to know more! Jennifer