Monday, February 11, 2008

It's MONDAY! :)

Hi, everyone! SO sorry it's so late for me to be posting; I had doctor appointments this morning, and internet problems this afternoon - and a HUGE class tonight that I have to finish prepping for. So, I'm here on a hit-and-run mission. :)
Today is Monday; it's the day that we share what we learned at church yetserday. If you didn't go to church, what did you do?
Yesterday, our sermon was - once again - on "What Women Want In a Husband". Godly man, good sense of humore, communication, honesty, and a good provider. What do you think? Does that cover it for you?
I'm not sure how I feel. Kenn and I have not had an easy month. I think I need to praise him more when he does things I appreciate; I'm afraid that I get into the "Well, I've done so much for HIM, he SHOULD do whatever". Not good. So the sermon, for ME, was about making sure he knew what I appreciated about him.
Your turn!!! :) I spilled, now it's your turn!!!
Gotta run - I've got to get this class ready for tonight. I'll be back later, if I can find the time to squeeze in a little more blogging. :) I DO love you!!!!!!!!!!! You are VERY important to me, dear one. Please don't take my overactive schedule for anything but what it is! :D


Anonymous said...

I really wish I could have heard the sermon but I was helping in the preschool and I really like doing that also. So for me yesterday was learning about Abraham and how he listened to God. It also put a whole new spin on sacrifice. That word is used too loosely. I can tell you that everyday I am in worship I find myself being more and more patient on waiting for God to show me what he has in store for me. For me, that is not easy so it shows me that I grow from hearing the message over and over. I hope that makes sense.
Love ya Lori,
Lori Pierce

karna said...

A Godly leader, sense of humor, lover of children, communicator, and one who loves to dance as well :)....

What the world needs now is love, sweet your men! If they aren't total jerks, they can be easiliy pleased.

MammyT said...

We learned from Isaiah chapter 61. That is one half of our church mission. So we talked about where we were with it, whether or not we were all "bought in" to it, and what it all means. This is the chapter from which Jesus read in the Temple on the day that marked the beginning of His ministry. It has always been a favorite and a motivating factor for me, because I think it is Jesus' mission statement for Himself, and it should be for us, too. This has been the mission of this church for many years. I guess God put me where I belonged, didn't He? I love it!

Ginny said...

Well, Lori, Phil was in church in the morning, but neither of us made it at night. We were struggling to stay warm with wind chills of at least -20 and didn't want to go out in the wind and cold. Maybe next week.