Friday, February 8, 2008

Show & Tell Friday!

Good morning! It's a beautiful, sunny day here again. The birds and squirrels are busy outside, and I'm scurrying around inside, trying to get things done before I take a little time to have fun with friends.

Anyway. :) Today is Show & tell Friday, brought to you by Kelli at And here is my item!

Isn't it PRETTY? It's by Living Water Creations; Bobbie Jo and Marti are friends of ours, and Kenn did some photography work for them for the website - is still working on some of it, actually. :)

As a result, PART of his payment he took in tradeouts, and this is one of the purses I received - I'm waiting on the other one to be custom-embroidered for me. :) I'm SURE it will make it for Show & Tell when I receive it!

If you go check out their website, and LOVE what you see, and make a purchase, please let them know where you found them! :) Bobbie Jo reads this blog, and I'd love for her and Marti to be blessed by YOU. :)

I use this purse ALL the time now; it happens to match the Crocs that Amy bought me for my birthday last year! :) Let's see - I think I'll go take a picture of them....

Here they are!!!! Yes, that's an Eeyore charm - Amy bought him, too. :D The very first pair of Crocs I owned, she purchased for me, and put a Pooh charm on them. :D She loves me!
OK, enough showing and telling. :) I can't wait to see what other fun, new things people are showing at their blogs today!! :) Be sure and go check it out at Kelli's!
Have a WONDERFUL day, dear one. Find the blessings in your life, and count each one of them!


sparrow's song said...

Wohoo, matching purse and shoes! Love it.

Is that chocolate and pink? Very smart! It's the new gray and pink.

MammyT said...

Very fun stuff! I think I need some of those shoes. Everyone says they are the epitome of comfort. How are you feeling and how is your glucose level holding?
Still praying for that.

J-ME said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love the bag.

Kelli said...

Very cute bag and shoes, I love pink!