Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's almost NOT Tuesday!!!

Sorry, everyone. Dad had the LAST ROOM in the house done today; the carpet was ripped up, and Pergo put down. It was HIS OFFICE, so that meant NO INTERNET CONNECTION. AUGH!!!!!!!! Kenn said I was suffering from withdrawal; I knew y'all would maybe miss me, and I had bizness. :D
SO. How are you doing on your goals???? I'm all caught up with my reading, which is AWESOME. I'm having trouble this week getting to water aerobics because Kenn's working and I have to do rehearsals and meetings by myself. I'm STILL hoping next Tuesday I can go.
You're all being VERY quiet, ladies. HOW ARE YOU???
Rhonda, I'm praying for you. You've got a lot to deal with, but I know God will give you the strength. :)
Karen, how are you? How're things going?
Nancy, your church service sounds AWESOME. I miss more passionate services, although our church is rather progressive for Southern Baptist. :)
Do I need to pull out my folder, ladies? :D YOUR TURN TO REPORT!!!


karna said...

hi lori - you are a busy one! Glad you liked the Lysa blog - oh to be Abandoned again - I seem stuck in circumstances - I need to clearn my house TOTALLY so I can have a sense of clean space - I am not eating right, reading right and i end up being this 100% or nothing person - i hate that and want to change it inside of me. This all or nothing has to change - it keeps me down where I ought not to be..i need to forgive myself and move on up again each and every time. Thanks for prayers.

Another blogger I absolutely LOVE is Shannon Woodward from the Pacific Northwest..she's a pastors wife..i ordered and received her book - A whisper in Winter ... fabulous... www.windscraps.blogspot.com

Blessings everyone, Karna

rhonda said...

Thank you Lori! times are really tough right now! So much is changing in my life.
I have still done well with my budget, but found out this week I majorly missed the budget mark with one of my monthly bills! Not a good thing at all!!!
Oh well God is good and He is in complete control. Because of this I can rest fully in the knowledge that He will take care of the things that come my way!
I am so very blessed to be considered by HIM worthy to be His child.