Friday, January 11, 2008

Did you miss me???

Lori P. contacted me to make sure I was OK. :) Thanks, Lori! I appreciate your concern.
But I'm fine. I have been SUPER-busy the past two days. After the men finished the flooring in my bedroom, Mom and I painted - and then Kenn & I rushed off to meet up with some friends who are in town from Oregon.
Yesterday was spent putting everything back in the bedroom, trying out new furniture positions, etc. And finishing sorting my clothing - I got rid of about half of what I had! - and organizing my closet again. Phew. Was I ever tired!!!!!!
Then last night, we had a general membership meeting for the theater company we do a lot of work with. Kenn and I are co-directing the next show, OUR TOWN, and tryouts are this Sunday & Monday - so it was important that we were there. We got to see our budget, and you can pray that this show is as successful as it has potential to be; the theater company needs to have a good turnout, or we'll be in trouble financially. Kenn & I have already done something to make it a little easier for the show to turn a profit, and we've sent out audition notices to about 200 people ourselves, so we're really trying. It's going to keep us busy for a while, that's for sure!!!
Anyway. I'm here! :) Yes, the diabetes thing is still up and down, but I'm still plugging away. I have a specialist appointment this coming week, and I'm going to discuss some changes, for SURE. :) (The photo is sugar-free pudding. Don't you just love creamy chocolate anything? LOL!)
Today is SHOW & TELL FRIDAY, so I'll be thinking about what I want to share and do so later.
Right now, I want to start a discussion about GRACE.
What is your personal definition of grace? Not some platitude you heard from someone else, but how YOU define it. Go ahead, think about it.
Ready? Have you defined it for yourself? I'm still thinking....
Grace is OFFICIALLY defined as "unmerited favor". But what does that MEAN?
God's grace is incredible, ladies. I'm sure you've seen this:
The infinite, perfect, all-knowing, all-seeing God of the universe loves ME. He loves me enough that He sacrificed His perfect Son as a blood sacrifice for me. Because He loves me, He FORGIVES me. He has allowed me to be covered in that blood, so He sees me as able to come into His presence. I'm FORGIVEN, SANCTIFIED, and BEING MADE HOLY because of His grace. I could NEVER earn His favor. He GIVES it to me.
SUCH a hard concept to understand for a lot of us!!!! I'll be talking more about GRACE in the next few days; I think it's an important concept to at least try to understand - not only God's grace to us, but our responsibility to extend grace to others. And to be brutally frank about why we have a hard time both accepting and extending grace.
So, let's discuss! :) What's YOUR definition of grace? Do you have a hard time accepting grace - or is it something that you never really think about?


Anonymous said...

This sooo does not look like what your Mom said. Have a great week!
Love you.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

I think GRACE to me is FLOWING. The picture that comes to my mind is this: butlers opening a double door as you are welcomed to just an incredible place. One that words cant even describe. Grace is just non restrained love and flowingness. Its non explanable. Hmmm...good question. Cant wait to hear more about this.