Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nancy, this is the sharing about God's LOVE I mentioned two weeks ago. :D

Hello, dear friend. I'm still not feeling too great, but God's GOOD! :)
I mentioned being scared of asking my Father for ANYTHING - well, in this excerpt that was in my study Bible, Max sure threw some light on why I feel this way! I can't wait to hear YOUR take on it....
AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I *knew* I should have marked it! I've spent two hours looking for it, and still can't find it. I'll keep looking, but I want to give you the gist of the excerpt.
Max's wife had been away, and he was in charge of the girls for the time. If they had been good, the family was going to do something special. They went to the airport to pick her up; when she asked if the children had been good, he said yes.
The oldest piped up from the back seat, and told her daddy he was wrong; they'd done this and this and this bad, so they shouldn't get to go.
Daddy had forgiven the little trespasses. But we don't expect OUR Daddy to do that, do we. We keep track of the things we do wrong, and say, "How can You love me, God? See how filthy and dirty I am?" But HE says, "I've forgiven that. You're washed in the blood. Quit bringing it back up, dear one. It is DONE."


MammyT said...

My goodness. A whole post addressed to me! I'm polishing my nails on the fron of my jammy shirt! So proud!:)
That is a great lesson. You gotta love Max. Honestly, Lori, I'm learning to pray and believe for big things from my heavenly father.
I had a wonderful Dad, who, even if he fussed and fumed for a bit, never refused me anything I asked for. I don't know why it's such a reach to expect at least that from Almighty God; but for most of us it is. I don't think He is pleased with that. A good book, should you be looking, is Abba's Child, by Brennan Manning. It opened my eyes to some truth about my Father. I am going to read it again.
Come see me on my blog. I haven't had a comment from you for ages. Look at the stuff about Studio Friday. It's a fun opportunity to share art.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

WOWZERS! And just as I was "shutting down for the night"...what a great post. THANK YOU!

I sooo hope you feel better darling one.

karna said...

Hi Lori and all
I loved Abba's Child by Brennan Manning - well i love ALL brennan's books and his incredible heart and work for God. But Abba's Child--touched me so deeply - I bet Kenn has that book cuz i know he likes manning.

God is FOR us...i received a devotional this morning kind of all about this which i'll send to you email lori..i wept when i read it - we all feel so not worthy of all He has for us - even tho our worthiness comes from Him alone...we are whacked :)

God is good to help me distinguish where *I* have gone wrong and how *I* am living out my own consequences etc., but He is always faithful and available and has MUCH in store for us --

Once I heard a story about when everyone got to heaven...standing before God a room full of blessings. Asking what those were the Lord replies: Those are the blessings you never asked for that were waiting.

He loves you and is FOR you - ask away.:)

MammyT said...

This is for Karna, your wisdom about consequences is a point well taken. I appreciate your comments and the little story about Heaven made me shiver. I'm Askin'.