Thursday, January 3, 2008

See? I told you I'd be back!

This is Maggie. Isn't she beautiful? She's the reason I didn't have time earlier to blog. Maggie just turned 1, and this is one of her "I'm ONE!" photos. We took a LOT, but I just LOVED the look on her face in this one. You know what she did right after she looked at me like this? She turned around, pulled that coupon out of the top of the magazine, and took a bite of it. I was the ONLY one watching her, and she was checking to see if I was going to stop her from doing something she suspected wasn't proper. :D

Just a QUICK thought here - don't we do the same thing with God often???

OK. :) On to what I really want to talk about today: the movie we saw. The four of us went to see THE GREAT DEBATERS, with Denzel Washington in the lead role. WOW, what a powerful movie - and a powerful performance. I truly enjoyed it; it was about a black college's tiny debate team in the 1930s, and the racial tension they had to overcome. This is the kind of role Denzel should do more often, in my opinion - uplifting, challenging one's thinking and moral stand. He not only starred in it, he directed it - BRAVO, Denzel!! The movie did an incredible job of making you FEEL that racial tension, not SEEING the actual violence for the most part, but seeing the aftermath of it.

I applaud this movie on two fronts. First, as a person who passionately loves words, and the use of them - my degree's in communications, minor in English lit :D - I say BRAVO for a movie that shows the POWER of the spoken word to change opinions, challenge viewpoints, and alter people's lives for the better.

Second, this movie was about more than just racial injustice. It was about the act of civil disobedience. I won't tell you my second absolutely favorite scene of the movie, because it's the highpoint of the movie :D, but I'm HIGHLY recommending this movie for anyone who's not afraid to THINK! :) STRONG support for all thought in the movie, and not just secular support - Wiley College is a Methodist college!

If you go see it, let me know what you think. I'd be very interested!

Goal check! MammyT and Judy have checked in with me this week. Becky? Deby? Let's see. My goals so far: I'm up-to-date with my reading, I've got my Y bag all ready to go Tuesday morning, and I'm being able to spend more time with my family and friends this week already. Of course, that's also partly because I haven't been able to get creative in my studio, but.... :D I think so far, so good!

Gosh, I could go on and on!!!! Girls, do you want me to keep questions about your individual goals between you and me, or post here?

Most of you don't know me before this blog, really, which is great - I'm SO glad God's brought new friends into my life! - but one of the things Kenn and I do is an *almost*-daily devotional "thought for the day". I'm posting today's picture here, but I really want to invite you to email me or leave me a comment and let me know that you'd like to receive the emails we send. I'll put you on the list, and then you can take yourself off it any time you decide! I just feel like it would bless you - God speaks through others a lot, and what we do is take photos of His creation, and allow those photos and His Word - and, most of the time, a hint or two from us :D - to speak to you. Just let me know! :)
OK. I'm going to go put on my PJs. It's been a long day, and I have lots of work to do. :) THANK YOU for reading my book today. LOL!!! I'm SO enjoying sharing with you!


Becky in East Tennessee said...

I am here! I am here! I am checking in! I have re-written my goals as you said before. I am emailing those to you. I love your new blog and think that if you can use ANYTHING that I say in a good way to help someone else, then I am an OPEN book! Thanks dear friend!

karna said...

Well I love denzel and do plan on seeing this movie - i am so old i was around and active in the civil rights movement so I know my emotions will run high...and not by just lookin at Denzel this time - no offense :)

I went to see Charlie Wilson's War with Tom Hanks jan 1. I recommend it highly. Tom is an excellent actor and Charlie Wilson was a piece of work (to say the least).

I signed up to read the bible via that link you put out too Lori, thanks. I'm starting with a month in Psalms - they are such a blessing in trying times. I am always amazed at how depressed David could get (well people were trying to kill him) but that when he went to God and started whining and crying about it all, you see the work our Loving God did in him, because its like looking at David's journal let's say - by the end of that Psalm he is praising the Lord for his protection, goodness and blessings.
Thanks for blogging, Lori; this is going to be wonderful! It's like a small group ya know.

That being said HI Ladies :) I am karen, old blonde woman going on Medicare this year WAAA WAAAA - it is hard to think I will be 65 years old next month. I feel like I'm 19 except when I go to get up off my sofa and the bones creak a bit or the body wants to stay in that position and not jump right up. I had two children, and two grandchildren. I was married for 35 years and divorced in wow thats 9 years already. Our family was fractured and blown apart in 1997 when my daughter accused my husband of molesting our granddaughter. That's like a time bomb going off and you hadn't read the book on how to survive.

So its been a long 10 years and a sad journey to say the least. In the midst of it all my son was diagnosed with MS - his wife left with their baby, and I was asked to come and be his caregiver. It was my joy and we spent 5 years together - he was brave and wonderful and passed away in June of 1996. He is safe with Jesus and I am left sad and lonely without him in my life. They say the second year after a loss is worse than the first one and I think I can attest to that.

Meanwhile I am remodeling his home and need to sell it pronto - of course i always buy in a high market and sell in a low, but this tops the cake right now -- couldn't be a worse time. I am just trying to trust the Lord to have a buyer out there so that it can be sold and I can pay my bills and move on.

Guess I'll stop cuz I could write a book - I have dreams and aspirations and know that the year 2008 (the #8 signifies 'new beginnings') will bring new journeys, lessons, and joy during the midst of all!

Thanks again Lori

Persuaded said...

What a sweet picture of yur little one there! And oh, how right you are... I learned more about myself and how God sees me by becoming a parent than at any other time, I think.

I also think I need to get on your goal-making bandwagon here!